You want to look good and present your best self to the world. But looking good becomes harder as you grow older. Both your metabolic rate and muscle mass decrease, which means you need to exercise more to maintain your weight and muscle tone. Your skin also becomes thinner, less elastic, drier, and more prone to discoloration. These treatments, from award-winning spa Beaute Hub, give your skin and body a helping hand so it’s easier to look great, especially during the busy festive season.

LPG Alliance Face and Body Slimming Treatment

Beaute Hub says it is the only beauty chain in Singapore to have the LPG Alliance Lab, which utilises the latest LPG technology. The contouring treatment is said to be three times more effective than its predecessor.

During the session, a motorised roller is moved along the face and body, creating suction-and-vibration motions. This supposedly helps to improve body processes such as fat elimination, lymphatic circulation, and collagen and elastin production. After one session, you may notice sharper facial contours, firmer and more radiant skin, and a slight circumferential reduction in the body areas treated.

PDRN Soluble Microneedle Treatment

The It ingredient found on every trendy treatment menu is polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it is a tissue-regeneration activator that is used for tissue repair in medical fields.

In skin, PDRN reportedly improves microcirculation, boosts renewal and regeneration, activates collagen production, and promotes healing.

Beaute Hub has incorporated PDRN into a skin treatment called the PDRN Soluble Microneedle Treatment, which aims to give you firmer, more supple, brighter and smoother skin. It combines the ingredient with soluble microneedles to deliver active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and the repairing proteins EGF1 and oligopeptide-1 to boost and regulate the production of new skin cells.

Beaute Hub purportedly uses the world’s first soluble microneedles, which encapsulate the active ingredients and dissolve within the skin.

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