Look chic at the beach with a sexy beehive hairdoDazzle by the pool this summer with a super-stylish yet easy-peasy up-do.

A beach beehive is the most style savvy way to achieve holiday chic and not only does it look great, it’s also brilliantly efficient at keeping you cool too.

After all, loose tousled locks might looks fabulous but the reality of beachy tresses in 35-degree heat may have you grasping for a hairband before you can say ‘sunbed’.

So, why not combine easy glamour with practical cool and take note for celebrity hair stylist Marc Trinder’s top tips for a beach beehive.

1. Prepare your hair by applying mousse into towel-dried hair and blow-drying straight – this will give the hair a gutsy, pliable texture.

2. Next you need to add volume, particularly at the crown and top of the head. Back brush a horseshoe section at the front with a bristle brush and spray each section at the roots with Charles Worthington Front Row Hairspray. Focus a little more in the areas where you want more height.

3. Smooth the surface on top and at the front.

4. Next roll each of the sides into the centre one at a time, securing with pins into a pleat. Make sure both these sections join each other.

5. Use your fingers to loosen the pleat and add the finishing touches, especially on the top. Pull out some fine pieces at the sides and lift the crown till the look is achieved

6. Give a good spritz of hairspray to finish – and voila!