Photo: Unsplash 

There is an art to the illusions of beauty — contouring to make your features look sharper, backcombing to make your postpartum hair seem fuller, and the same rings true when it comes to your hand and nails.

Even though the contouring trend hasn’t spread to fingers, you can still fake the appearance of hand-model hands, here’s how. 


Shape and Length

Start growing your nails out to get them longer than the widest point of your width.

Slowly file them to get oval or almond-shaped nails to fake the length you’re lacking in your fingers; make sure you round the edges and taper the nails in at the sides just a little bit to give the illusion that your nail beds are longer.



In the wise words of Salt-N-Pepa, push it real good. Get your cuticles softened with a softening or removing solution before gently pushing them back.

Stay away from cuticle scissors though — those will leave the area red and raw. It just isn’t worth it.



Go nude — this nudes won’t be leaked in an iCloud hack, so you’re safe.

Nudes give the illusion of elongation as they make your nails look like an extension of your fingers.

If you’ve got a pale complexion, go for light pinkish beige. For medium tones try a more yellow-based taupe and if you’ve got a deep complexion, dabble in a light caramel or toffee beige.

If you’re looking for more colour though, stay away from anything that’ll bring out the red in your skin tone.

Work with shades that complement your undertones; for instance, if your undertones are warmer and more golden, steer clear from purples and grays, and pick corals and warm reds.

Blue undertones? Don’t even try turquoises but make cool reds your friend.