Professional haircare brand Goldwell is known for its innovative use of technology, particularly when it comes to hair colouring. It’s Elumen range, for example, is excellent if you want a bit of “K-Pop Kolour” for your hair.

BEAUTY hair colour Goldwell new Topchic Asia range DECOR 1

If you’re more into less crazy colour, but still want something that’s a defined shade that won’t fade and won’t damage your hair, then the new Topchic Asia range of hair colour is what you’re looking for.

There are 99 shades in this range that have been specially designed for Asian hair and offers you basically limitless colour options that can be tailored to your specific requests. Goldwell’s “coenzyme” technology in the Topchic Asia range of colour reportedly “protects hair from damage and works to deliver brilliant color tonality, gentleness and long-lasting hair colour”.

BEAUTY hair colour Goldwell new Topchic Asia range DECOR 2

There are two new, specially produced products in the Topchic Asia hair colouring range, Special Lift for lightening hair, and a Special Browns colour range.

Since it is generally much harder to strip existing colour from Asian hair, Goldwell has created Special Lift ‒ a “bleaching” system that lifts the warm undertones that darken hair colour to allow for cooler shades ‒ and Special Browns created with Goldwell’s new Dye Penetration System which ensures full grey coverage from the roots to tips and offering a range of popular colours from cool to warm browns.

The Goldwell Topchic Asia hair colouring products are only available from professional hair salons. For a list of salons that offer the Goldwell Topchic Asia service, call Goldwell on Tel: 6681 4743. You can follow Goldwell Singapore on Facebook at and on Twitter at @GoldwellSG.