Long hair, don’t care? Strip underarm wax going for $1 today

Hey Madonna, we're looking at you. At $1 per pop for an underarm wax, the hair removal specialist is gunning to give even the staunchest of au naturel adherents pause for thought

STRIP $1 Underam Wax b.png

The geriatric enfant terrible of pop may dig her pit hair – see Madonna's Instagram for unfortunate photographic evidence – but hair removal specialist Strip has other ideas up its hairless sleeves.

Woolly women out there, Strip is prepared to shear your fleece for just $1. Anything to dissuade the populace from hopping onto the hirsute bandwagon, we suppose ...

What’s the catch? None really, as far as we can tell. All you need to do is grow out your underarm merkin in time to book an appointment today (March 27), in which case you’ll get to enjoy the $1 offer.

Strip says prices will be bumped up by 50 cents each day until Wednesday, April 2; do the math and you’ll quickly realise that $4 for a midweek wax remains a pretty sweet deal.

Interest piqued? Visit Strip’s Facebook page to indicate your particulars and preferred timeslot, and the good folks at the salon will get back to you within 48 hours.

Obligatory caveat: Terms and conditions apply. Now go out there and get yourself waxed to a  scarily prepubescent, entirely unnatural smoothness!

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