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If you are guilty of getting lost in the world of Instagram during your daily commute or before bed time—it’s ok, we totally get it—we’ve got news for you. Since you’re already hooked, we say might as well spend your time on IG scrolling through good content. Whether it is to help you keep up to date with the latest launches, get beauty tips or simply to look at beautifully styled pictures, here are our favourite local beauty influencers you should be following on Instagram.


Michelle Sielman, @bubblymichelle


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Michelle splits her time between Singapore and Sri Lanka, which is why going through her Instagram feed is a little like going through a resort vacation, with her bright, fresh travel pictures, and product features. You can count on her for honest and thorough reviews and swatches of the latest product launches, so you can make an informed decision in making your own beauty purchases. Now, all we need is some sunscreen and a killer swimsuit, because looking at her feed makes us want to book that tropical getaway too.


Emily Loke, @paper_tigress


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If seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses is a lot like Emily Loke’s IG feed, we want in. The founder of luxe letterpress company Paper Tiger Press, Emily takes us through her postcard perfect travel destinations, favourite beauty products, and detailed tips on how to achieve a flawless makeup look.


Larry Yeo, @larryyeo


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Take a quick scroll down makeup artist Larry Yeo’s page and you’ll find loads of information and tips related to all things beauty. With 14 years of experience under his belt, Larry prides himself on educating women when it comes to makeup and skincare. He offers detailed insights for makeup how-tos, not to mention his background in biotechnology and cosmetic science, making him a trusted source of honest and informed product reviews. 


Leanne Ho,@loveforskincare


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A veteran of the local beauty blogosphere, Leanne Ho’s feed is filled with an endless array of beautiful, colourful flatlays so hypnotising, we dare you to look away. It’s certainly a great way to find out about the latest product launches. Plus, she gives us reviews of several local treatments, be it hair, skin, or body.


Annabel Lee, @followthatway


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For the ultimate in nail art inspiration, head on over to Annabel Lee’s IG feed, which is replete with stunning masterpieces that include intricate florals, designer logos, and even anime characters. She also includes short videos to show you exactly how to create your own DIY design and lists all the products that she uses. Sure, it will involve a lot of patience and some artistic flair, but you can’t fault us for trying.


Cinddie, @cinddie


BORN TO RUN @urbandecaycosmetics #udsingapore #urbandecayborntorun

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Cinddie just feeds our millenial-pastel obsession. Her beautifully curated pastel rainbow IG feed contains reviews and how-tos of skincare and makeup. Plus, if you’re into all things mermaids and unicorns, her pastel makeup looks and hair are sure to keep you inspired.


Sahur Saleim, @sahursart


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With over 260k followers on Instagram, Sahur Saleim is amongst one of the most watched Singapore-based personalities. Her feed is filled with makeup demos that she does on herself as well as on models, plus tips and tricks so you can recreate them in the comfort of your home. If you can’t get enough, you can also head to her Youtube channel, where there are even more makeup tutorials and drool-worthy swatches.