Poppy King founder of Lipstick QueenShe’s the lipstick lover who famously started her own iconic brand in a bid to create more powerful and pigment-packed lip colours. Allow us to introduce Poppy King, founder of super-successful brand Lipstick Queen.

Not only is her line of lip products a best-seller, the ultra-chic beauty entrepreneur is now collaborating with No 7 on a collection of sheer lipsticks. We caught up with Poppy to find out her beauty secrets.

Q. You advise applying lipstick straight out of the tube to get longer-lasting colour. Isn’t that the opposite of what everybody else says?
A. When you apply straight from the tube you get the maximum intensity of the formula. If you use a lip brush you dilute the strength of the lipstick by simply brush stroking it on rather than going straight from product to lips. I recommend applying it straight out of the tube, blotting with a tissue to set the lipstick to your lips then apply another layer over the top for maximum staying power and impact.

Q. You have been wearing red lipstick for almost 20 years. What’s the appeal of red?
A: Red is the most iconic of lipstick shades. It is not simply a colour, it is a journey inside yourself to find and express the confidence and strength it takes to be a woman. There is nothing more transformative to your sense of what is possible than red lipstick. You feel like a superhero in it!

Q. What is your best beauty secret?
A. The more I embrace what makes me happy, the happier I feel and the happier I look. It’s far better to find out what feels right for you with curiosity rather than judgement. When I judge myself I lose that sense of fun around beauty.

Q. Besides Lipstick Queen and No 7, what other beauty brands do you use?
A: I wear Maybelline mascaras (many different formulas), I use No 7 Protect and Perfect Moisturiser and NARS eyeliners. But I don’t believe in wearing a lot of makeup, I think less is more.

Q. Besides red lipstick, what beauty products should a girl always have in her makeup bag?
A. A Shu Umera Eyelash Curler. It gives va va voom lashes in one squeeze! © COVER MEDIA

The Poppy King for Boots No7 range of lipsticks and lipglosses

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