There’s just something oh-so powerful about a lipstick. One swipe and suddenly our look is immediately elevated, and we’re ready to take on the world…or a long day at the office, whatever comes first. May we remind you that the revolutionary Coco Chanel herself once said, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

But what does the shade you reach for say about you? Are you someone who prefers a bold or natural look? Get ready to have your lips read.

Are you a fan of a natural shade?

Hello there, Miss Sunset Coral. You’re someone who takes pride in your practical nature. You’re the one keeping your group of friends grounded in sanity (what would they do without you, really) and your friends know that they can come to you for advice they can actually use. Your biggest source of pride: Rocking a natural look like no one else can.

You can create a gorgeous, rosy look easily by pairing your look with the Mono Blush in C4 Earthy Coral shade that has gold undertones.

Or do you prefer a bright pink?

Then you’re Miss Peachy Pink, so it only makes sense that you’re the sweetheart of the group. You’re funny, flirty and your friends can count on you for a fun time out no matter what. While you’re not averse to being in the limelight, you know when to take the backseat and let someone else have the glory. Most importantly, and this is what everyone loves about you, you always know how to have a good time even if it’s by yourself.

Your flirty look lends itself naturally to a romantic, glowy look that you can easily achieve with a peach-toned hue. Look for the Mono Blush in P3 Nectar Rose to brighten up your visage.

As for those of you who love a gorgeous berry hue…

You’re Miss Berry Purple. Whether you opt for a dark, vampy look or a brighter berry stain, you’re definitely a trendy, daring one. You’re loud, confident and you own it all with pride. Taking risks is not something you shy away from and because of that, you’re the alpha of the pack, ready to take the lead and make decisions.

Opt for a slightly deeper shade that will give you a natural flush. The Mono Blush in P4 Scarlet Pink, for example, is a gorgeous pink which will also help to highlight the angles of your face.

No matter what type of woman you are, though, it’s reassuring to know that you have the right ammunition to back you up. And in this case, we’re excited to announce that L’Oreal is launching 10 new shades in August to join its vastly popular Color Riche line.

For all the lipstick lovers who understand the importance of a signature lipstick, you might be pleased to know that the 10 shades each belong to one of the three personality groups: Berry Bold, Sunset Coral and Peachy Pink.

The formulas are infused with jojoba oil to keep your lips looking luscious and hydrated, an important element in maintaining that “Girl Boss” look.

And much like its existing predecessors, the lipsticks are intensely pigmented and promise a colour payoff of up to six hours, which is more than enough to last you through your morning rush to lunch hour.

As if that’s not enough, the Color Riche lipsticks act as the perfect finishing touch to a coordinated look that showcases your personality regardless of what your go-to hue is – perfect for the busy woman who’s always on the go.

You no longer have to fret about an incomplete, mismatched look now that L’Oreal has created 10 shades that make pairing your lipstick to your blush so easy.

The best part? If you’re ever in need of touching up your look, all you have to do is whip out the compact that houses a mirror to re-apply both your lipstick and blush. And yes, the mini packaging does come with a nifty brush that’ll keep you looking fab on the go.


We’ve already established how much a lipstick can change a person’s look and confidence. So to help you look and feel your best, L’Oreal is giving away three sets of Color Riche lipsticks and a matching blush shade.

All you have to do is tag two friends and comment what your personality is: Berry bold, sunset coral or peachy pink.

Products are available at all L’Oreal Makeup Counter islandwide at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected Fairprice and department stores. Check in stores for promotions and discounts.