For those of you newly acquainted with Apivita, we thought it would be lovely for you to get to know this holistic beauty brand during the festive season, its pampering products will make for, “bee-lightful” tokens of love.
Apivita – which means “life of the bee” in Latin – was founded in 1979 upon the restorative properties of bee products, from anti-inflammatory propolis and the purest honey to, of course, the famous royal jelly, that near-miraculous broth that transforms workers into queen bees.
Beloved by beauty insiders for its extensive treasure trove of skin-saving elixirs, Apivita’s appeal lies in its use of organic essential oils distilled from Greek flora and herbs, carefully blended with pure honey and precious propolis to yield pampering treats for your skin.
The brand is extending its expertise to haircare with the Propoline range, said to offer organic solutions to the modern stress exerted on our hair and scalp. Addressing concerns from dandruff to oily hair, the suite of Propoline products adhere to the holistic spirit of the brand – 94 percent of the formulation is composed of natural ingredients.
Some of the clever ways these natural ingredients are incorporated into the Propoline haircare range include the Apivita signature move of replacing plain old water with soothing organic rosemary water, an herbal infusion carefully steeped to coax out maximum mood-lifting and rejuvenating properties.
Of course, with a name like Propoline, propolis is sure to figure prominently in the formulation of the new Apivita haircare line. The near-magical resin bees use to line their hives, propolis, is said to demonstrate potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, making it a nifty ingredient to regulate sebum production and tamp down the shine of greasy locks.
The revitalising powers of propolis are boosted with the use of Apivita’s Bio Cotton Protection System, which functions as an insulating layer around your hair cuticle, warding off nasty stuff like environmental pollutants and breakage caused by chemicals and harsh styling products. This shield is also said to increase your hair’s natural “immunity system”, so that it feels softer and becomes better equipped to deal with external aggressors over time.
Like bees to honey, hair-friendly nutrients found in the comforting organic acacia honey extract used in the Propoline range – think amino acids, trace elements and vitamins B1, B2 and C – will be drawn into the cuticles with each massage of the scalp, plumping your hair follicles from within.
Of course, shampoos need to actually fulfill their function of cleansing your hair, which the Propoline range achieves by the use of Saponaria, a supremely mild surfactant that’s gentle on your scalp but tough on grime. This means that the range will suit even the most troubled and irritable of hair types!
Best of all, like all of Apivita’s products, the Propoline range is concocted with you and the environment in mind: No animal testing, no animal-derived ingredients (save for bee products), and a concerted adherence to using raw materials from sustainable sources.
Your friendly Apivita advisor is on hand to advise you on which Propoline products will suit you and your loved ones best, so head down to the boutiques at Ion Orchard and Vivo City to discover the range for yourself!
Apivita stores are located at ION Orchard B3-45/46 and VivoCity 01-04. To find out more, visit www.apivita.com and follow the brand on Facebook.