Lee Stafford Arganoil from Morocco Deep Nourishing Treatment
Due to environmental influences, sometimes hair needs a little extra help to flourish into a healthy mane.

There are many great intensive nourishment products to choose and some of them boast intriguing new ingredients derived straight from nature.

Lee Stafford Arganoil from Morocco Deep Nourishing Treatment
As you probably already know, Argan Oil is a rich, nourishing oil, native to Morocco. It contains many of the ingredients associated with hair repair and the creation of a luxurious healthy mane. Enjoy healthy, shiny hair that is easy to comb through after washing.

Waterclouds Repair Argan Oil Serum
Ultra efficient serum from Scandinavian haircare brand Waterclouds, aimed specifically at fine hair. One of the active ingredients is cloudberry seed oil, which is packed with anti-oxidants. When worked through the lengths of the hair, your locks will become soft, rehydrated and gorgeous.

K pour Karité Organic Hair Mask
Packed with shea butter and sunflower oil, this super rich mask for dry or damaged hair helps you regain elasticity and vitality. 98.4 per cent of the ingredients are of organic origin.

Naked Shine Glossing Hair Treatment
Tend to your tender tresses with this effective treatment that nourishes your hair with organic coconut oil and shea butter. The package might not look luxurious, but your hair will feel like a million dollars. © Cover Media