Leonard Drake RID Dermal Smooth Treatment. Individual session at $128 (UP: S$320) for first-time trial only. Buy 3 sessions at $960 and receive 6 RID sessions (worth $1920) & 6 Efislim Spot Trim (worth S$840) free

Infrared light energy and radio frequency waves are combined with mechanical rollers and vacuum suction in a handpiece to improve the look of cellulite.

The vacuum suction helps dilate blood vessels and increases blood flow and circulation while the infrared light and radio frequency waves heat up the layers beaneath the skin, thus metabolising fat.

The program is aimed at body contouring instead of weight loss and a total of 8 to 16 sessions are recommended.

Available at: Leonard Drake Skincare and Health Spa at #B1-19, Causeway Point  (6894 9770), #05-09, Centrepoint (6737-9177) and #03-20, White Sands (6581-7887).


Rating: 3/5

Before the treatment, I am asked to sign an indemnity form clearing me of a list of ailments (see below). 

Then I’m led to a room where I lie down and the therapist rubs a layer of cold gel on my stomach before moving the handpiece (pictured left) slowly over my stomach. This takes 20 minutes.

The suction action of the handpiece makes my skin feel like it’s getting pinched hard repeatedly. The therapist mentions that people with more cellulite (like me) will feel more pain during the process as there’s more fat being worked on.

Although the before and after pictures don’t show a drastic change, I can feel that the sides of my stomach have tightened and my favourite skirts fit better.

Caution: This treatment is not suitable for those with bleeding disorders, skin conditions, photosensitivity, a history of keloid scarring, pacemakers or defibrillators, who have poorly controlled diabetes, fragile or intolerant skin, phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), blood clots, thrombosis, orthopedic conditions, hypertension, cancer, HIV, eczema, psoriasis, Intra-uterine devices inserted (for whom treatments on the abdominal area will not be performed), are on Accutane and pregnant women.