Here’s the deal. Many of us leave the house each morning with our hair down and dripping from the shower – and hey, we understand. Nobody has the time to do it all – no, not even your favourite celebs. (What they have is an entire glam squad at their beck and call.)

Still, you don’t have to feel bitter because we’ve got the next best thing: ‘Lazy girl’ hacks. We’re talking about styles you can do on the go or while having your breakfast, and which will have you looking like that morning person who has her life together.


1. Put a twist in the classic

Looking at old pictures of yourself, you’re likely to find yourself sporting a ponytail. It’s ever the classic and for good reason, too – it keeps the hair out of your face effectively and quickly. And while you can easily rock a messy or high pony to work, why not twist it up, like literally?

It’ll take five minutes tops, but the results make it look like you put in far more effort than you really did.


2. Halve it



For those of you rocking shorter hair or who just really love the feel of your hair grazing your shoulders, here’s one way you can spruce up your everyday look. It’s the cheater’s way to making it look like you’ve spent your morning braiding your hair but in reality, all you did was twist and pin.


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3. No pin? No problem!



And if you don’t have bobby pins, don’t worry. Here’s an even simpler alternative that you can rock every day by itself, or to spice up that classic ponytail, too.


4. Accessorising is always key



A braid is another surefire way to change up your look, but if you’re worried it might look a little too plain or, well, boring, here’s what we propose. Take a page off blogger Tricia Gosingtian’s beauty book and throw in a nice hair accessory like a headband suitable for the occasion and mood you’re gunning for.


5. Personalise your own hair accessory



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And if you think a headband is too reminiscent of your school girl days, no worries. Use this nifty trick to turn that statement necklace into a hair accessory. Lazy and thrifty girl hack in one? We’ll chalk that up as a bona fide win-win.


6. The three-braid bun



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Walking around with three braids might seem a little bit odd but if that’s what it takes to achieve this look then I’m all for it – especially given the fact that it’s not as complicated to pull off as regular French braids. All that means is even less time spent styling your hair.


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7. Prep before you go to bed



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This is more of a #hairhack in general, but if you’re in between shampoo days, be sure to use your dry shampoo the night before. This way, you can let the product work its magic all night while you rest, plus it’ll prevent oil build-up on your scalp and give you that added ‘crunchy’ texture to work with the morning after.


8. Bun it up



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This hack’s one that I especially love because it’s two separate hairstyles in one. If you’re just trying to spruce up a simple ponytail, then stick with the look in the first panel.

Here’s how to do it: Tie your hair into a regular ponytail. Then, using your index finger, separate the hair before your elastic band and make a little hole that you can pull your ponytail into.

Repeat that last step as many times as you see fit;  if you’re going for an updo to keep cool in the heat, finish it off by pinning that very last bit of hair down.


9. An elegant bun under 10 minutes… No really!

If you’re looking for an updo that’s a little more elegant, then this is it – a quick bun that promises to amp up your glam cred without taking up too much of your time. All you need are a bunch of bobby pins and, well, nothing else, really.


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10. Divide and conquer those curls



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Yes, our favourite Instagram celebs may look flawlessly effortless with their hair down, but that’s probably because they took the time to style it with the right products. If you’re looking to rock a ‘messy curl’ look or just want to add some texture to your locks, then here’s a quick trick to curling it in the morning. Just don’t forget to add a shine-boosting serum after to keep your hair from looking too dried out and to prevent unsightly flyaways.