makeup artist Laura Mercier
If you’re jetting off on holiday this Summer, the chances are you’re already pondering what to pack.

And while it’s relatively easy deciding what clothes to bring, selecting your favourite beauty goodies can be a bit trickier.

So thank heavens for makeup maven Laura Mercier, who has provided her top tips for holiday beauty survival.

“My beauty kit is constantly reorganised and packed according to where I’m going and what I’m going to do,” the French makeup artist turned beauty entrepreneur told Instyle.

“But bronzer is, without fail, always in there. Don’t worry about packing a foundation. If you do want a little coverage on holiday, mix some tinted moisturiser with a gel bronzer and apply where you would foundation.

“A gel bronzer enhances your tan and gives you a lovely dewy glow, rather than looking too powdery.”

And when it comes to choosing your lipwear, Laura suggests packing glosses and sheer textures for your lips, rather than lipsticks.

“If you are going somewhere hot you will want something that looks beautiful without any weight.

“Lip stains are also great, as you can apply them with a finger in seconds, and they are easy to carry around. Peachy-pink shades are good for daytime, browny-reds for evening.”

So, what about haircare? Laura revealed that she’ll often leave the shampoo at home and simply pack a good conditioner.

“It is one thing you want to make sure is good quality. If you’re going somewhere with hard water, such as France, you should pack a richer conditioner.

“Pack a hair oil, too, so you can deep-condition your hair after a day in the sun.”

And if you forget anything, Laura advises checking out the local products.

“You can always shop for local beauty products when you arrive on holiday,” she told the magazine.

“I make a point of buying soap when I reach my destination. There is always something nice about sharing the beauty rituals of women from different countries.” © Cover Media