Japan – cute men, great service, top-of-the-line beauty products. You’ve read my blog entries about my trip there but here’s the real reason I went – to learn more about Asience’s improved haircare range.

But don’t leave it to me to tell you more – I’ll let the hairstyles from Shibuya and Harajuku inspire you, just like they’ve given me a newfound resolve to take better care of my hair!



What’s one good haircare tip you can share?

Mayumi Kurata, one of Japan’s top beauty journalists: Always have clean hair to start with – lustrous hair makes your face look brighter.

Seki Tatsuhiko, chief editor of VOCE: Hair and nails may be dead cells, but once they’re damaged, it’s difficult to recover – so always take care of it.

In Japanese magazines, haircare articles are definitely more popular – it’s like an extension of skincare. 

What hairstyles are popular right now?

MK: In Shibuya, they like to use hair irons to make dollish curls or bouncy, gorgeous doll hairstyles.

But we’re gradually going back to straight and short hair as you can see all the popular talents and models having shorter hair. And what the models or actresses do, the women will follow.


ST: Airy, light styles with volume, and dark colour with highlights. Even wavy hair with lighter colours.



Is it better to stop perming and colouring hair?

ST: No, not if you choose a good salon! Especially now when hair dyes containing high levels of treatment are so popular. 



 How do you decide if a product is good?

MK: It’s difficult to decide if something is good just by reading an article or press release – it has to be suitable for your hair and skin type.

I’ve used a lot of products because I review them for my blog.

But the true test is when they meet my conditions and suit my skin type.




Is it better to use products from the same haircare range?

ST: Think of yourself as an audio engineer – audio equipment might come in a set combination but you could mix the amplifier, stereo from another brand – you know, to customise it.

But if you fail in your combination, you can always go back to the preset – there is no right or wrong.










Yu Kashii is the new spokesmodel for Asience

Why did Kao choose Yu Kashii as the face of the new Asience?

Yuichi Akagi, Brand Manager, Premium Haircare – Global Beauty Care Business:  We choose talents based on the strength and beauty they have inside. To me, Yu Kashii has a strong coolness, as you can see in our new ads.


 What about Japanese women sets them apart?

YA: They care a lot about how other people see themselves – they’ve an ability to see themselves from other people’s perspectives and then changing themselves to be like how others want them to look like.

They also tend to all look similar, in terms of hairstyles and fashion. And of couse, their expertise in makeup!



And speaking of Asian beauties…

The Asience Asian Beauty 2010 Project: Asian. check. Female. Check. Successful. Check. Asience has brought together 6 singers from around the region, who are just these 3 things.

From left: Jaime Fong from Hong Kong, Wei Jiaqing from China, Rainie Yang from Taiwan, Juju from Japan, Mint from Thailand and our own Olivia Ong will be spokeswomen for the brand – even recording a song together.

Now, that’s what we call celebrating Asian beauty!

For more: Asience Asian Beauty 2010 Project


The new Asience is available in stores now!


In 3 versions, each with a shampoo, conditioner and treatment:



WHAT’S NEW AND IMPROVED: Hair Beautifying Technology or HBT that plumps up the protein cells in the core of your hair – and its effect lasts long too!

Aloe essence and shell ginger essence have also been added for softer hair.