emergency beauty essentials last minute date night singapore

Date nights can be nerve-racking, especially if it’s one of the first few. It’s time to shine and you want everything in perfect order for that golden first impression. Annoyingly, worrying about makeup mishaps can sometimes curb your confidence. Why oh why is there lipstick on our teeth when it wasn’t there five minutes ago? Has he seen it too? Awks.

You shouldn’t be worrying about your lipstick or shiny T-zone while making conversation over dinner or drinks. We want you on full speed with the actual date! Luckily, there are a few things you can take with you to make sure your makeup is always on point, particularly if you’ve already been out and about for a few hours (or slaving at the office all day, sigh).

It’s not about full-on re-application because honestly, who has time for that? Quick fixes and touch-ups throughout the night is what we prefer. And remember, it’s better to preempt a makeup mishap than to recover from it. So don’t be afraid to slip off to the bathroom for a little touch-up before you meet your date!

#1 Concealer

Unless you’ve got super strength concealer (no budging, smudging or fading), any concealer you put on at the start of the day will disappear over time. If you’ve got dark spots or blemishes to conceal, picking a handy concealer that works both under the eyes and on spots is important. Try a stick concealer, which usually comes in a crayon form and tends to be creamy enough to blend under the eyes while doing a great job with spot-concealing as well.

That said, don’t forget to set your concealer before you leave the house to make sure it lasts as long as possible! That means prime, conceal, set everything with powder, and keep it on with a setting spray.

#2 Tinted lip balm

These days, tinted lip balms come in so many shades and opacity levels. You can still achieve a bolder lip colour with tinted lip balm,and the best part is the tint will stay on your lips all night! So, your lips will stay hydrated (great for any potential pucker-up moments) and it’s really easy to touch up.

It’s no wonder they’re shaping up to be the trendiest lip product of 2017, with new additions from YSL, Laneige, and Clinique. And of course, you still have trusty options like ones by Fresh, Benefit, and Burt’s Bees.  

#3 Blotting paper or powder

Getting oily throughout the day is par of the course in Singapore weather, as most of us end up with excess sebum and oiliness on our faces after a few hours. Blotting is an easy way to freshen up and get rid of the shine while leaving your makeup intact. Unless you’re someone who prefers to blot with a powder, blotting paper is a tad more convenient. The sheets fit into any handbag, and you don’t need a mirror to blot your face. If you don’t have any blotting sheets in a pinch, just use a single sheet of tissue paper and dab to absorb excess oil.

#4 Cotton buds or makeup wipes

Whether you’ve got an eyeliner that smudges, eyeshadow that transfers, or a bold lipstick to reapply, carrying cotton buds with you is a lifesaver. It’s the easiest way to clean up small makeup mistakes and keep you looking pulled together. I always keep a few cotton buds in my purse during a night out because I’m never without a bold lipstick. If you can’t do without makeup wipes but don’t want to lug a full packet with you, there’s a brand called Cleanse by Lauren Napier on net-a-porter.com that sells individually packed face cleansing wipes (US$41 for 50 wipes). They’re incredibly compact and you can just throw a couple in your purse before you leave the house.

#5 A travel size perfume

Fragrances fade over time, and they fade especially fast in our weather. If you’re out for hours (or into the early hours of the morning), you might want to re-apply your perfume at some point. If your perfume doesn’t exist in a handy rollerball size, invest in one of those mini travel atomisers you can refill with your perfume. They’re the size of a finger and fit easily into any clutch. They aren’t expensive either, though we recommend only using one fragrance with each atomiser since you can’t really take it apart to clean it.