Whether we’re using our mobile phones or laptops, screens are a huge part of our lives. It wouldn’t be a biggie if our screens didn’t emit blue light – but all e-devices (and LED lights) do.

Think of blue light as UV rays, only indoors. How is it that we’re so careful about sun protection, but not blue light protection? We should be, because blue light is a bigger factor in skin ageing than UV rays – think dark spots, lines and skin damage.

That’s why we’re adding Laneige’s Neo Cushion Foundation ($62) to our daily armour against blue light. An anti-blue-light foundation is already a rarity. This one is the first in the market to be certified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

During the testing, done by global cosmetic testing group Institut d’Expertise Clinique, 20 testers had Neo Cushion Foundation applied on one side of the face, and researchers measured the testers’ pigmentation before and after their skin was exposed to two hours of blue light. The side with the product did better.

The formula contains titanium dioxide, which reflects light rays off the skin, protecting it. The foundation comes in two finishes: Neo Glow SPF42/PA++ and Neo Matte SPF50+/PA+++.

The Glow gives skin a flawless, hydrated sheen using diamond powder and nano-silver glitter. The Matte covers large pores and imperfections, providing 24-hour sweat resistance to prevent makeup from sliding.

Another plus: It doesn’t transfer much onto face masks. Flawless, glowing skin with slide-proof and buildable coverage throughout the day – what’s not to like?