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Hallyu star Lee Sung Kyung’s name and face are known all around the globe – in large part because of her role in the hit drama “Cheese in the trap,” but also because she’s incredibly beautiful.

She’s not afraid to push the envelope in the beauty department – be it with the on-trend baby bangs or bold circle lenses.

Lee Sung Kyung always looks so flawless and fresh – just the way we want to look day in and day out. Here are some key points to getting her refreshing makeup and signature hairstyle.


Circle lenses


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These lenses that Lee Sung Kyung are a fan of creates a childlike, doe-eyed appearance. When choosing an eyeshadow to complement your lenses, choose a shade from the same colour family.

You can actually refer to the colour wheel to pick an eyeshadow colour that will match your lenses. If your lenses are blue, for example, what is opposite of the colour blue on the colour wheel can be used as eyeshadow so that there is contrast while still keeping the look easy on the eyes. If you want your eyes to stand out, on the other hand, play with the idea of contrast. If you have purple lenses, for example, you can go with a colour like green.


Puppy liner


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Unlike the conventional winged liner that is a flick of eyeliner that extends upward, the puppy eyeliner look accentuates the roundness of the eyes by extending the eyeliner out ever so slightly but creating a flick that points downward.

The “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” star uses this makeup technique to elongate her eye shape to create a look that’s more rounded and cute than fiercely feline.


Airy bangs


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Lee Sung Kyung’s airy and wispy bangs reveal a little more forehead and create the illusion of a slimmer face and add length to a shorter and rounder face.

If your bangs are starting to stick to your forehead, grab some dry shampoo and apply it at the roots and massage through bangs with your fingertips to distribute the product.


Pink blush on apples of the cheeks


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Instead of going for the heavily sculpted makeup look, Lee Sung Kyung tends to highlight her cheeks for that youthful girl-next-door look.

To get her rosy dewy look, swap out your powder blusher for a cream based one that melts into the skin. Tap the blusher with your ring finger on the apples of your cheeks.


Straight brows


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While the 28-year-old celeb keeps her eye makeup to a minimum, her brows are full and well-groomed to frame her features. She tends to gravitate towards a straighter brow. If you’re recreating her look, refrain from getting rid of the arch completely.

You can tweeze a couple of strands from the highest tip of the arch for a rounded effect. With a light hand, fill in your brows such that you cancel out the arch. One thing to bear in mind is to use lesser product on the inner corners as it could make your brows look too overdone and unnatural.