Heard of Gangnam Laser? Gangnam Laser Clinic is a new Korean-inspired aesthetic clinic chain in Singapore that offers rejuvenating treatments like facials and lasers.

Gangnam Laser Clinic’s suite of services zero in on two beauty issues that are most relevant to you and I: Better skin through laser facial treatments; and face contouring via safe and targeted techniques.

All of the procedures and products offered at the clinic, from fractional lasers for pores and pimples to hyaluronic fillers, hew to stringent safety and professional ethical guidelines. Gangnam Laser Clinic’s team of doctors is also NEA laser certified, and the clinic has a board of South Korean dermatologists and plastic surgeons on standby to serve as medical advisors.

At $48 for the first trial, Gangnam Laser Clinic’s signature laser facial kicks off with a manual cleansing before a session with a 1064nm medical-grade Lutronic laser. The Lutronic laser is followed by a Lotus, a fractional non-ablative laser. Finally, a Hydro-Lifting mask is applied as the last step.

Other key treatments include fillers and Botulinum toxin type A, skin tightening with non-needle INTRAcel and pigmentation treatment programmes, as well as INTRAcel acne scarring treatments. Personalised acne scarring treatments may entail the use of radiofrequency microneedling, laser resurfacing and subcision. Gingham Laser Clinic also provides pre- and post-treatment care for patients seeking aesthetic or surgical procedures in Korea.

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