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Image: Moonshot

You may not recognise her by name, but one look at model-turned-actress Lee Sung Kyung is enough to jolt your vague memory of the rebellious teen that Runningman giraffe Lee Kwang Soo was smitten with in the hit Korean drama It’s Okay That’s Love.

But apart from that, the 25-year-old model is also the face of YG entertainment – yes, THAT YG – backed cosmetics company Moonshot. The beauty brand positions itself as one that helps to bring out individuality with makeup, similar to YG’s stance on taking in unique talents that are anything but predictable.

When the brand launched back in October 2014, beauty aficionados in Korea went into a frenzy, snapping up almost everything in the store. Products were also selling out the minute they were spotted on a celebrity.

This September, we’ll get to see what the hype is all about – Moonshot cosmetics will be sold at all Sephora stores islandwide.

Of course, being the curious beauty obsessed folks that we are, we rounded up the top three must-have products with the help of Sung Kyung. The model gave fans a little peek into her makeup pouch on hit Korean beauty show Get it Beauty last year.

WATCH: Actress Lee Sung Kyung’s top three makeup must-haves on Get it Beauty

While the entire clip is in Korean, we’ve managed to get a sense – with what little we know of the language – of what the rising star shared. Here are her top three makeup must-haves:

#1 Cream Paint in Pink Punch, $36

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The number one item all K-Beauty fans need to have? A bright, versatile lippie that can either be easily blended out for a sheer finish or worn boldly all over the lips. And Moonshot’s Cream Paint does just that. In the clip, Sung Kyung describes this multi-purpose product as a lip tint, blusher and lipstick in one. Just lightly touch the applicator on the skin and blend it out for a natural finish.  

Oh, and we’d like to add that this exact shade was sold out the minute Sung Kyung’s segment aired, staying off the shelves for about two consecutive production batches. See why it’s a must-have?

#2 Line Performer Pencil, $26

Korean actress Lee Sung Kyung’s beauty tips & makeup must-haves eyepencil.jpgNext up on Sung Kyung’s list is a brown eyeliner that can also be used as an eyebrow pencil. While the one she introduces in the video isn’t available in Singapore or South Korea – it’s Swedish brand & other stories’ Eye Pencil in Tabby Brown – Moonshot has one that works just as well. The Line Performer Pencil goes on smoothly and can be lightly smudged out with the in-built sponge tip for a natural finish.

#3 Dark Spot Concealer, $35

Korean actress Lee Sung Kyung’s beauty tips & makeup must-haves concealer.JPG

Stick concealers are the most convenient, but Sung Kyung prefers a creamy liquid concealer that has a hydrated finish instead. A moisturising concealer like the Moonshot Dark Spot Concealer she shows in the segment, can doubled up as a foundation when she doesn’t have one immediately available.

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