SK-II Special

As young girls, most of us dreamt of becoming someone great. Inspiration came from all corners of our lives, from people close to us like our mothers, to movies we saw on television screens. Whether we aspired to be actresses, teachers, singers or scientists, it was easy to fall in love with the notion of being incredible. While most of us find that our goals shift as we grow up and encounter different realities, Korean actress Lee Si-young’s dream remained the same.

Her dream of stardom began when she watched television for the first time at the age of nine, upon moving to Seoul from the small town she grew up in. She moved on to study fashion, but never gave up on her dream of acting, and finally broke into the scene with her first appearance in 2008. Many of us reach a point in our lives where we feel too settled into our path that we doubt our ability to start over, but at 26, Si-young succeeded in taking charge of her own destiny and putting herself on a different path.

Later on, when she discovered a passion for boxing, she pursued it despite the doubt she faced from her fans and the media about it being just a publicity stunt. What began as preparation for an acting role, grew into a passion she faced head-on.

Si-young’s journey is an incredibly inspiring one about how dedicated she is to her art and the courage she has to face her fears every time she gets into the ring. It hardly makes sense for an actress whose face is one of their most valuable assets, to engage in a sport that puts their face at risk, but Si-young’s persistence speaks volumes to her passion.

There are many fears and obstacles we face everyday, but hopefully watching this video on her journey will encourage you to face your fears and find the passion to change your own destiny.