Keep it fresh laura mercier
From dried-out clumpy mascara to waxy old lipstick, is your makeup bag a breeding ground for bacteria?

According to research published this week, the average beauty bag is a hoarding space for items that are four years out of date.

And somewhat shockingly, some women hang on to items for up to 15 years past recommended use-by dates.

At the moment, most countries’ labeling regulations don’t require an expiration date on cosmetics – so it’s vital to be clued-up on when it’s time to chuck out your favourite products.

For instance, did you know that old mascara wands can breed bacteria that lead to conjunctivitis, which causes redness, itching and swelling?

Or that dirty brushes are a breeding ground for micro-organisms that can cause ringworm and impetigo, an infectious disease that results in blisters?

Here’s how long your most common makeup products last:

Mascara –four to six months

Eyeshadow 18 to 24 months

Blusher -18 to 24 months

Eyebrow pencil –18 months

Lipstick –12 to 18 months

Lip gloss –12 months

Eyeliner –18 months

Lip liner –18 months

And don’t forget to clean your tools. It’s extremely important to wash your powder puffs and makeup brushes on a weekly basis. The right way to wash your makeup brushes and powder puffs is by using a mild baby shampoo. Make sure you are squeezing out all the leftover water and dry with a clean towel. © Cover Media