Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh thinks women “hoard” their cosmetics because they think they’re too “juicy” to throw away.

The actress’ makeup artist has a big input when it comes to her beauty bag. Kate says all women should take a leaf out of her book and regularly update their cosmetics to ensure they always look their best.

“[He] came over to my house and just cleaned out the drawer and threw out like half of my makeup,” she revealed in an interview with People.

“The biggest tip is to throw out your makeup. I think as women even if we don’t mean to be hoarders, when you buy makeup it’s just so juicy you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ll keep it forever!’ and it’s like no, no, no, it all has an expiration date on it and you have to be really careful to get rid of it.

“[Lipsticks] last forever, right? Then you have a collection of them. But you can usually tell oddly by the smell that it’s time to throw them out.”

The red-headed beauty loves experimenting with her look. Kate appreciates the range of hues that are coming into trend for the upcoming season.

“I feel like I can take more risks. [My hair] is broken up with highlights, so it’s not so red-red, but I don’t think that’s any reason to shy away from a red lip or a coloured lip at all,” she explained.

“I love what’s happening with colour for Spring. I love this trend toward red and orange lipstick and pinks and fuchsias and kind of a real blast of colour for Spring and Summer.”

Despite her seemingly sound beauty knowledge, Kate admits she’s not an expert. In fact, the stunning star prefers a more natural look when she’s off screen.

“I’m usually pretty lazy about makeup because I’m in it professionally so much, so when it’s just me out and about, I try not to wear much at all,” she said. © Cover Media