Kate Moss cuts her own fringe – without even looking in a mirror.

The British model is known for her changing hairstyles, having sported everything from long, highlighted locks to a brunette crop in the past.

But her evolving styles aren’t necessarily thanks to an expensive salon.

“She cut the fringe she had in 2007 herself, copying a picture of Marianne Faithfull,” Kate’s hairdresser James Brown told the British edition of Glamour magazine.

“She’s so instinctive with her cuts – she feels it rather than looking at it in a mirror, and knows how it should look by touch alone. You have to be quick, too – after 20 minutes she’s up and out of there!”

However James sometimes manages to get a say in the model’s new look.

In 2001,Kate underwent a drastic style overhaul, switching her blonde mane for a brunette pixie crop.

“Everyone was copying her blunt cut, so I changed the shape into a Mia Farrow crop,” James revealed.

“We felt if you’re going to go short, you might as well go all the way. Everyone’s hair had been long and grungy for a while, so it really changed everything.” – COVER MEDIA