Kate Hudson
When you think of Kate Hudson, tousled golden locks, radiant skin and genuine natural beauty spring to mind.

The Hollywood star is renowned for her effortless bohemian style and her skin and hair regime is just as fuss-free.

The mother-of-two revealed her top tips for a glowing complexion and a silky mane in the latest edition of US Glamour and named her must-have products and savvy tricks she picked up from the world’s top makeup artists.

“I discovered Egyptian Magic (Skin Cream) about 14 years ago. My hair is straight in some places, curly in others. And a friend of mine was like, ‘You’ve got to get this stuff!’ I put it on my hair, my body, my kids,” Kate said.

The stunning star also spoke about her personal style and revealed that she doesn’t experiment with her makeup too much. She also shared how to achieve her signature glow.

“I probably wouldn’t do eyelash extensions or anything too experimental. I like to keep it simple,” she said. “I mix exfoliator with cleanser to make it gentler. And when I wear lots of makeup, I use moisturiser underneath for that dewy look.”

Kate also shared a skin care trick she has adopted from the legendary Paul Newman.

Talking about reviving tired skin, she named the products and simple but effective method she uses to perk up her complexion.

“I’m the face of Almay’s Wake-Up collection [Almay Wake-Up Eye Shadow and Primer] – it feels cold on your skin, which is great,” she revealed. “A makeup artist once told me that Paul Newman would dunk his face in ice water in the morning. Guys: They’d rather stick their head in ice water than put makeup on. But I started doing it too!” © Cover Media