As we joined a room full of photographers and journalists this morning at the Sky Bar of Hotel Michael for the launch of TheFaceShop’s new FaceIt BB Cream line, everyone was abuzz at the announcement of Kim Hyun Joong’s arrival.

He sported light brown locks and a shorter hair cut as he nonchalantly made his way up stage. He appeared more buff since the last time we saw him eight months ago.

He looked good and it was almost as if his skin was glowing. Smartly dressed in a crème white suit, he reminded us fondly of his character Yoon JiHoo from Boys Over Flowers.

We learnt that he arrived in Singapore yesterday, 18 August. So what was he up to? He divulged a little on how he spent his Thursday in Singapore. “I had a nice lunch by the beach area at Sentosa. I didn’t get to go to Universal Studios Singapore due to my tight schedule but my staff went and got me a best actor t-shirt which made me really happy.”

He then cheekily stated that he would like to receive one of the theme park’s best actor trophy souvenirs from his fans. With a perfect smile he shared, “If I had free time to go to Universal Studios Singapore, I wish I could bring my staff and have a good time.”

The charming Kim Hyun Joong answered some questions from the floor during the press conference about beauty products, his career and future plans.

His favourite TheFaceShop product?
KHJ: The new FaceIt Power Perfection BB Cream. It offers high coverage, easy to apply, and long lasting. I’m even using it in Singapore right now.

How to you keep yourself motivated when the work piles up and how do you relax at the end of the day?
KHJ: Even though I’m running a busy schedule everyday I try to enjoy my work and that’s how I find joy in my working life. I also find joy in good food and when I’m here in Singapore I try the local food.

If you could create a beauty product, what would it be and why?

KHJ: It would be catered to those with busy lifestyles. It would be something like a mask that when put on, it can give you a full makeup instantly.

Do you want to try something new besides acting, singing and dancing?

KHJ: In terms of acting and singing I still have a lot more to learn and a long way to go. Before I try out something new, I want to excel in these areas first.

He also revealed that he’ll be launching a new mini album in October. “It will be more funky music that everyone can dance too and concept wise it will be different from my first mini album Break Down.” 

If you’ve missed him on his Singapore stop on TheFaceShop Asia Tour this time, we’re pretty sure he’ll be back soon. The star revealed, “I’m planning to have a concert in Singapore next year so please look out for it.”