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Actresses look stunning no matter how the weather is like. And among all of their beauties, what people admire the most is their flawless skin, no matter the season.

When the air is cold and dry, dead cells pile up on skin and become very rough. If those dead cells are not removed at the right time, it eventually becomes reasons for skin aging and wrinkles. In addition, pores will be clogged and cause all kinds of skin trouble.

Demodex folliculorum is a type of mites and it is found on 90% of human skin. These mites live on surface of skin and scalps, eating sebum and dead cells inside of folicles. If skin health is compromised, mites can lead to rashes and itchiness.

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Most of the skin troubles can be prevented by keeping it clean. Before going to sleep, face must be cleansed, no matter what. If one spends too much time cleansing, dirt will stick on face again or make skin drier. The most appropriate time is between 2to 3 minutes.

When dead cells pile up, expensive skincare products won’t be able to penetrate the skin effectively. There are many ways of removing dead cells, but using mild products or tools is recommended than using harsh chemical stuffs.

Our skin is naturally slightly acidic to protect from various kinds of pollution. Some cleansing products contain alkaline to increase detergency. When alkaline products are used for long time, skin loses its acidic shield. Thus, it is recommended to use slightly acidic cleanser to balance your skin’s pH levels.

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