Autumn is beautiful, but it makes our skin ugly—dry and flaky. This is why those who have glowing, fully moistursed skin get more attention during this season.

What should we do to prevent our skin from drying out in such a cold, windy day? Let’s learn some beauty tips from female celebrities!

We’ve also rounded up daily skincare routines that will help keep skin glowing and healthy during the cooler months ahead.

On November 4 Clara tweeted her self-portrait with short message saying: “Clara, Business Trip to Japan.” In the photo, she is showing off her flawless bare face, proving herself as a natural beauty.

G.NA also revealed her no-makeup face via Instagram. She posted: “No makeup. Don’t be surprised.” In the photo, she is wearing a casual pink t-shirt and smiling at the camera. Her skin was glowing and flawless like porcelain.

Gang Min Kyung, already known for her beautiful skin, also flaunted her no-makeup face in the car. Her beautiful facial feature still captivated our eyes.

IU appeared at radio studio as a special guest in a casual, natural look. She looked much younger and cuter with her hew short hair, and the flawless, clear skin made the singer more lovely.

Yang Ji Won of SPICA also revealed her recent self-portrait. Her pretty face made fans doubt that she was not wearing any makeup.

Sulli of f(x) also uploaded her self-portrait via Me2day and said: “Don’t catch a cold, everyone!” She is making a cute face as directly looking at the camera. Her cute, pretty face captivated hearts of fans, as well as many online users.