Many men are concerned with theitr skin because of irregular lifestyles and shaving routines.

Men’s skin produces more sebum, which means they have to take extra care with their skin every day. Due to hormonal imbalances, most men’s skin contains less moisture and more oil than women’s.

For men who feel burdened about skincare, here are some easy everyday tips to achieving skin as clear as your favourite male idol star.

After shaving, soothe and moisturise

Men who shave every morning usually suffer from sensitive, dry skin. It is very important to moisturiseafter shaving. Moisturising is the first step to keeping skin clear in dry surroundings.

Don’t forget sunscreen before going out. UV rays accelerate aging and infrared rays activate sebum production.

During outdoor activities, you need to re-apply sunscreen every two to three hours. A spray-on sunscreen is recommended for even application of the product.

Thorough cleansing and nighttime skincare

When you get home after a long day, remember to cleanse off all the dirt and accumulated sebum! Use a men’s cleanser and wash your face thoroughly.

Moreover, it is also a good idea to remove dead skin at least once a week. Get rid off dead skin with a wash-off scrub in order to make your face smoother and clearer.

Don’t forget to moisturise before sleep. Apply a generous amount of moisturising cream or rich essence. A leave-on sleeping facial mask is also a great idea.

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