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Bella Skin Care’s new belle is Joanne Peh, the famously curvy better half of Singapore heartthrob Qi Yu Wu, has been revealed as the new ambassador for Bella Skin Care.

The charismatic, approachable actress will front campaigns for the skincare specialist, most notably for its new BioStem Regenesis Therapy, an anti-aging treatment that infuses skin with a custom cocktail of antioxidants, peptides and gentle enzymes to exfoliate, hydrate and firm skin. 

Speaking at a press conference, Joanne Peh said that maintaining good skin was of the essence for her, adding that she hoped to introduce Bella to her slew of devoted fans.

Recounting her first facial at Bella, Joanne said she was pleasantly surprised at how painless the extraction process was: “I’m usually very leery of new procedures or products, as my skin is sensitive and I can’t afford to break out while I’m filming. Bella’s facials are so soothing that they double up as a pampering session.”

“External pampering is just as important as inner happiness, I think – you need both in order to feel alive!”

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