Jean Yip Group is Singapore’s favourite beauty brand for 2013

The Jean Yip Group at the Superbrands Tribute event, held at Shangri-La Singapore 

The good people at Jean Yip Group deserve a pat on their backs: The Singapore-based hair and beauty brand has been bestowed their fifth Superbrands Award for 2013, the fourth consecutive year the Group has earned this honour. 

Here’s how the selection process works: Superbrands Singapore commissions an independent consumer survey, which is conducted by The Nielsen Company to zero in on the “strongest” brands across more than 90 different product and service categories.

Next, an independent panel of marketing and branding gurus hunker down with senior business leaders to rank the companies on “locality, longevity, reputation, innovation, market share and innovation”. 

In a fascinating glimpse into the power of marketing, a separate study by Nielsen has found that the Superbrands awards are one of the most recognisable in Singapore, and a whopping 80 percent of regular people like you and me are “more likely to buy a product or service associated with the Superbrands logo”. Well, now you know. 

As for us, we’re personally quite fond of the brand – Jean Yip’s R6 Skin Revolution customised facial is one of our go-to pampering treatments that’s great for all-over relaxation and brighter, clearer complexion. Check it out at the nearest Jean Yip salon!

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