Is actor Jackie Chan is finally softening up on his son Jaycee since his drug arrest last August?

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Image: The Straits Times/AFP

The Chan Senior told Oriental Daily News in an interview that his son has been more disciplined, neater and more helpful around the house.

“He used to be lazy and not focused enough. Now I see him placing his shoes neatly, eating all the food his mother cooks for him, carrying bowls, folding clothes,” said Jackie.

And that’s not all. The workaholic had previously told Chinese media that he will not be visiting his son upon release, choosing to focus on his China tour to promote his latest movie, Dragon Blade, instead.

Jackie did however, actually take a few hours off to see his son in Taiwan.

Given the stern father’s long history of harsh comments, Jaycee was nervous to see him apparently, but his worries were all for naught. “The door opened, and I gave him a deep hug,” Jackie said.

He did not scold Jaycee because “he’s already been punished,” but says the son “doesn’t dare” to look up at him. “He looks so remorseful, and this isn’t a Jaycee I’m used to,” added Jackie.

The family of three – including Jaycee’s mother, former actress Lin Feng-jiao – then had a quiet, though awkwardly silent, meal together. “The feeling was so warm, he hadn’t been like this for so long,” said Jackie. The actor then broke the silence by asking Jaycee about his time in jail. “He was in there six months, and had not one word of complaint. He said, ‘Dad, now I have more experience than you. If you have a question, ask me.’”

As heartwarming as all this is, Jackie Chan still holds true to his tough parenting style. Seeing how much Jaycee has changed for the better, Jackie now thinks that his son should go back behind bars every year. He told Jaycee: “Why don’t you go back for half a year, every year?” (Tough love, Jaycee, tough love.)

“He [Jaycee] said, you can’t go back if you haven’t done anything. I joked and told him to send in a request. It’s quiet there and he can write songs,” said the actor.

Jackie, oh Jackie, no one will fault you for not saying anything bad about your son for once, really.

Nonetheless, we’re certainly happy to see how the relationship between the two has improved. Jackie says his son plays him songs now, and he gets the sense that Jaycee wants to talk to him more often and write scripts. Good on you, Jaycee!

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