I’ve long had an abhorrence of anything that takes too long to work; diets, skin care, my computer. So imagine my joy when I discovered that there was actually a machine that could not only help remove fat from my face and body, but it could also tighten the skin at the same time! 

Two fabulous aesthetic procedures in one; perfect for the time starved, busy professional woman.

Exilis, as the procedure is called, is basically a machine that combines the effacacious properties of Radio Frequency treatments to both “melt” your fat and tighten your skin by stimulating collagen production.

What makes this machine so good is that it takes proven technology – like the use of Radio Frequency to heat without damaging skin – and combines it with some clever developments so the end product works better and results are more reliable.

For example, to “melt” your fat, the heat level needs to be around 43 degrees – which obviously would give you sunburn – but the Exilis machine has an Energy Flow Control (EFC) system which makes sure you get the heat as quickly as possible so you never really feel it.

When it comes to the “tightening” of the skin, the directed heat also helps to “unravel” the collagen fibers in the skin, then the natural healing process makes your body produce new collagen fibers that in turn improve the skin’s elasticity, effectively “tightening” it.

The Exilis machine has two different sized handsets to be used on various parts of your body or face, this allows it to reach small pockets of fat that other, similar, machines can’t. Images: Supplied

So, does all this technology really work? Absolutely. I underwent both facial and body use of the Elixis machine; the body work focused on my tummy area.

The results were amazing. My changes to my face were particularly dramatic. Although at first I could really see anything obvious, people who hadn’t seen me for some time – including my mother – commented immediately on how different, and young, I looked. 

The Exilis reduced fat deposits under my chin – the dreaded “double chin” area – and reduced and “pulled up” my jowls, effectively making my cheekbones more prominent. More importantly, my “eyebags” were flattened reducing any overhang that caused shadows making those dark circles under your eyes even more prominent.

On top of all this, the surface quality of my skin was also improved, with smaller pores – although this generally isn’t a problem for me – and a reduction in some fine lines.

All this took only four, 30 minute or so, sessions. At the end of my fourth session, my doctor – Dr Rohan Mendis from Mendis Aesthetic Clinic – felt I didn’t have any more fat to remove. 

Dr Mendis, who has a Bachelor of Medicine, a Bachelor of Surgery and numerous other qualifications specialising in using treatments to improve skin quality, is an aesthetic doctor who’s always looking for the best technology to get the best results for his patients and he’s blown away by Exilis and the results his patients have been getting.

At Dr Mendis’ suggestion I also tried out Exilis on my tummy. Not an area I particularly hate, but nor one I’m particularly fond of either. Long gone are the days of a super-flat six pack; and I’m way too lazy and busy now to spend hours at the gym to get it back.

Now I don’t need to. The Exilis procedure on the area was remarkable; reducing my waist measurement from 75cm to 72cm in just four weeks with absolutely no change in diet or exercise, and with a trip overseas besides.

The procedure is relatively painless as well. Yes, you can feel the warmth as the handset heats up, but it’s not unbearable and the doctor will take it off straight away if it feels too warm.

Dr Mendis has always been one for the latest machines, and from a practitioners perspective he says the Exilis is the perfect machine. 

Having done the research and tried a number of different machines designed to use Radio Frequency therapy, Dr Mendis should have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. The Exilis device has been proven to be safe, effective and “well-tolerated” by patients according to European clinical studies; the machine has been available in Europe for over three years.

Not only does Exilis manage two procedures in one, the new, smaller handset allows a practitioner to use it on those very small, irritating-to-get-rid-of areas like the knees, under the chin, the inner thighs, “bingo-wings” or auntie arms, love-handles and saddlebags.

Exilis is fast – you do need to make at least four visits but each one is less than an hour depending on the size of the area being worked on; it’s painless – really, the warmth of the machine is never unbearable; and there is absolutely no downtime – if you’re getting your face done, you can re-do your makeup immediately after the procedure.

I love Exilis so much that I’m going back for more. I’m planning to get rid of my “bingo wings” or flabby, floppy auntie upper arms done so I can finally wear sleeveless outfits!

Exilis is only available in Singapore from Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery is located at Mandarin Gallery, #04-17, Tel: 6235 1728. Dr Mendis performs a number of medical aesthetic treatments including Exilis, Botox, collagen facials, Cosmelan for pigmentation, chemical peels, IPL, microdermabrasion, Thermage, surgical removal of birthmarks etc and ultrasound non-invasive fat removal. For more information go to: www.drmendis.com or email enquiries@drmendis.com