All images courtesy of Velda and Viola Tan

Collate The Label and Love, Bonito, anyone? Here’s the deal. Even the most casual of #SGFashion supporters will know that the dynamic duo Velda and Viola Tan are a really big deal in the #SupportLocal scene – yours truly, for instance, is a fanboy of said superstars on account of their incredibly incandescent faces, which are on full fleek in most of their vacay social media snaps.

Stirred up by the stylish sisters and looking to steal their look? Here’s what you should do. First, book yourself a ritzy round-trip sojourn to Seoul. Then get glowing for your #AirportStyle selfie with these top tips and tricks from our gorgeous globetrotters, who were smizing it up in sizzling Ibiza compliments of Skin Inc, incidentally also another Singapore source of pride:

1. Zhng up your face mist with a serum

Is the holiday heat and humidity killing your groove and screwing up your skin? Besides “chugging back water on flights as if your life depended on it”, Velda recommends keeping a cool head by spritzing on a freshening facial mist, which is a bit of beauty advice I can certainly stand behind. “Our Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist is our trusty BFF during our flights because it keeps us hydrated while we’re steeping in the unforgiving cabin air on long haul flights,” says Velda.

Even better, try dispensing drops of your soothing serum of choice into your facial mist this will supercharge your skin with all the glowy good stuff it needs. Take it from the woman herself: “I add the Vitamin B3 serum to the mist to keep breakouts at bay, while my sister Viola turns to the Ceramide serum for an intensive boost of hydration for her eczema-prone skin.” Follow up with a facial sheet mask if you’re extra diligent, then settle in for a transportive hour or two of in-flight entertainment.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Said serums are sequestered in tiny bottles that are pure portable perfection – simply decant into a spray-type bottle and pack it in your purse to spritz over makeup, anytime and anywhere, to squelch the splotches of “heaty” skin. Easy peasy!

2. Have fun concocting a complexion-correcting cocktail

Let’s get straight to it: This brilliant beauty hack is perfect for nights when you just can’t be arsed to put yourself through the paces of a seven-step regime. I mean, you’re already accustomed to layering standard skincare – start from the lightest lotions and work your way up to the heaviest of cold creams – so the next logical step, really, is to master mixing and matching your serums.

Here’s how. “One of our favourite things about skincare is the ability to mix and match to your own whims and desires, and while it may not work for all products, mixing and matching works for Skin Inc’s range of serums,” enthuses Velda. “I love dabbing some Vitamin A serum around my eyes to brighten the area, and then the Hyaluronic Acid one on the dry patches of my face.” Duly noted!

Quick aside on application: Always warm up your serums in the palm of your hands, then cup the concoction onto your face and decolletage, pressing it in to amplify absorption. Now you know!

3. Splash out on a “smart” skincare device

Behold, the rise of the machine! Enter so-called “smart” appliances, a beauty buzz phrase that’s shaping up to be a solid solution for getting us of a hairy situation and then some.

Velda herself is an enthusiastic endorser of techy tools: “As someone who owns a business, it goes without saying that we’re heavily dependent on our gadgets,” she explains. “We also turn to gadgets such as the Optimizer Voyage Trilight for beauty. Depending on what our skin needs, we use the corresponding light treatment setting for the desired results!” Top tip: Don’t drag your device downwards – this rookie error is the reason behind the common complaint that these contraptions don’t “work”. (They don’t work because you’re yanking your skin in the wrong direction.)

Big bonus: This diminutive device is perfect for stashing away in your tote for touch-ups on the go. Another beauty benefit: I’ve found that the mini massage amps up blood circulation for a flirty flush in your cheeks, making blusher entirely optional on #MakeupFree days. You’ll go from lethargic and lacklustre to divine and dewy in seconds.

Right, then. Try Velda and Viola’s tips and let us know how they work out for you. With any luck, you’ll be pretty as a picture. Here’s to looking like super stylin’ street-style stars!

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