Instagram is a magical place: not only is it a social media platform that enables people from all over the world to connect, it’s also a news source, a source of inspiration and a place where you can see the weirdest things. Case in point: odd, inexplicable beauty looks that makeup pros and beauty junkies alike experiment with. From nail extension that are shaped like your molars to nose hair extensions—yes, you read that right—here are the weirdest beauty looks that have surfaced on Instagram this past year.


#1: Garden brows

Photo: Instagram/ taytay_xx

With over 37,000 likes on her Instagram post and counting, Canadian Youtuber and blogger, Taylor R, surprised the internet with #gardeneyebrows back in March 2018. And inspired a plethora of people to post their reiterations, ranging from whimsical to simply jarring. Taylor’s original look features tiny flowers and butterflies delicately placed on and around the brows and a green base resembling moss. While she deserves more than brownie points for her skill and intricate work, this look remains best on Instagram, unless you’re attending a costume party as a tree nymph, of course.


#2 Nose hair extensions

Photo: Instagram/ taytay_xx

It might sound completely mental, but yes, nose hair extensions were a thing on Instagram. Once again, we have Taylor R to thank for popularising this trend. She created the look by glueing false eyelashes to her nostrils. Thankfully, this didn’t become an actual beauty trend IRL and remained on Instagram. Thank U, Next.


#3 Fishtail brows

Photo: Instagram/ hudabeauty

Just to be clear, no actual brows were hurt in the creation of this look because no one actually shaved their brows into a fish tail shape. Instead, they masked the ends of their brows with glue and makeup—we’re sure many drag queens will be proud—and drew on new ones at an upward angle. To be honest, they look more like horns than anything else. #justsaying. 


#4 Halo brows

Photo: Instagram/ hannahdoesmakeupp

16-year-old Hanna Lyne took the saying “go with the flow” to an extreme when she created halo brows. In an interview with POPSUGAR she confessed that she was “influenced by fishtail brows” and that it “inspired the idea of just carrying the brow on until it met in the middle” to create these “halo” brows. Dear Hannah, some things are best left alone…like the natural shape of eyebrows.  


#5 Teeth nails


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Yes, you read that right. Self-proclaimed to be Russia’s number one nail art chain, Nail Sunny created one of the most outrageous nail art we’ve ever seen. And the internet has been pretty crazy this year, so that’s saying a lot. 100 per cent would not recommend this for those who type for a living, or anyone for that matter.


#6 DIY rhinoplasty


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It’s as intriguing as it is creepy; using special effects wax to build yourself a new nose bridge seems a little extreme but the results are spectacular. Which is why hundreds and thousands of us can’t stop watching these videos. After all, while we may nitpick at our flaws from time to time but how many of us are actually putting in the effort to craft a new nose everyday? Although since these special effects noses are made of wax after all, we’re not sure how it’ll hold up against our scorching heat and humidity. Perhaps it’s better to leave such reconstructive work to the pros


#7 Makeup for teeth

What’s with the obsession with teeth this year? First it was nail art and now it’s quite literally, makeup for teeth. New York-based cosmetics company, CHRŌM, pioneered this trend with their temporary tooth polish that’s supposed to be smudge proof, tasteless and invulnerable to food and drinks but can be effortlessly removed by brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste. Despite how outrageous the idea of it might be, the brand has reported a steadily growing demand from all over the world, which begets the question: are people, like… okay?


#8 Rainbow brows

Love it or hate it, the rainbow trend isn’t going away anytime soon. From rainbow ombre hair to highlighters and now, brows. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of it so I guess we might as well embrace it. Speaking of embracing the trend, Youtube beauty guru, Nikkie, better known by her handle @nikkietutorials, created her version of the look with the colours of the rainbow across both brows. And while it’s not an everyday look, we do think it’s pretty cool.