innisfree B.pngBlending nature and skincare, innisfree has long been an advocate of nature-inspired beauty products. Now we can’t resist a good brew of tea (green tea is my personal weakness, I must admit), so we were very curious to find out how this green tea works in skin care.

What makes this green tea range so special? With a focus on the tea extraction process, innisfree claims that it has revolutionised the way green tea is harvested for skin care. Using organic green tea leaves and a steaming process, the Korean company says that this method retains the moisture and essence of green tea a whole lot better when compared to the traditional dehydration process. We’re not sure about the science behind all this, but steaming and draining the tea does sound really delicious.

The updated Green Tea Line includes four variations of the original range. With each selection catering to different skin types ‒ normal, oily, combination, and dry ‒ the company hopes that this line will be more personalised to your particular skin type. This personalisation also comes with a stamp of freshness. The company has promised that the products in its the Green Tea Line will be sold within three months of manufacture. Freshness and customisation? Now this is what we’re talking about.

innisfree Green Tea line is available from April at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.