I tried the Clarins Double Serum and I love it

REVIEW: When you find a beauty product that works, you become such a fan that running out of it can be a disaster; that’s exactly how I feel about Clarins Double Serum. I honestly love this skincare product

THE CLAIMS: The Clarins Double Serum [Hydric + Lipidic System] is a “Complete Age Control Concentrate” which has 20 plant extracts that are said to “stimulate all of the skin’s vital functions and prolong its youthful appearance” to basically firm up and reduce the look of fine lines, make your complexion more even, and make your pores less visible. The “double” part comes from combining water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) “age-control” ingredients. As with all Clarins products, the Double Serum is non-comedogenic and tested
by dermatologists.

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: It’s a serum in a bottle that’s separated down the middle ‒ when you “pump out” the product into your hand it combines into a light liquid that goes onto the face evenly.

WHY I LOVE IT: It works! I’ve always suffered from breakouts and a sort of “greasiness” from serums I’ve previously used, and therefore have tended to stay away from them which is not a great idea considering I’m way past the age of consent and so totally NEED to use whatever anti-aging products I can get my hands on.

With the Clarins Double Serum, however, I’ve found my golden ticket. The product is absorbed easily into the skin, with a slightly “dry oil” feel that means no matter how hot it is you don’t get the rest of your products and makeup sliding around on your face.

More importantly for me, this stuff actually fixes pimples! Yes, I know, it’s not apparently designed for that but if I’m starting to get a bit of redness that signifies a pimple on its way, a dab of this miracle stuff and it’s gone in the morning. Why? Who knows? But it does and that makes me very happy.

On top of this amazing bonus, is the actual “reduction of the look of fine lines”, the “more even complexion” and the reduction in pore size. Yes, this serum works on all three areas. When I use it my skin is visibly tighter, smoother and more even in colour. It also manages to keep down the very slight bit of rosacea I have too.

Ok, that’s enough gushing. But really, if you’ve been looking for an anti-aging serum to add to your skincare routine, I can’t recommend the Clarins Double Serum highly enough. At least, it works for me.

GET IT AT: $115 for 30mls from all Clarins Skin Spas located at Wheelock Place, #05-05/06/07; Robinsons JEM, Level 1; Robinsons Raffles City, #01-01; and Robinsons Orchard, Level 1. For more information, go to and follow Clarins Singapore on Facebook at