Every beauty junkie should be familiar with eye cream applicators – those roller balls sometimes attached to the ends of tubes of eye creams that are meant to quickly cool the skin, improve circulation and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

B Lee Yeon Hee How to use the SK-II Magnetic Wand to apply eye cream.png

Image: Lee Yeon Hee for SK-II

SK-II’s new magnetic wand however, claims to do more. Used exclusively with the brand’s Stempower Eye Cream, it’s said to deliver the key ingredient of niacinamide deeper into the skin, firming the eyes and reducing wrinkles by 23 per cent in just 10 days of usage.

SK-II Magnetic Wand A Lee Yeon Hee How to use the SK-II Magnetic Wand to apply eye cream.png

Here’s the science, explained. Remember that like poles repel and opposite poles attract? Think of the magnets in the wand and niacinamide as both North poles. So when you apply the eye cream with the wand, it repels the ingredient and therefore “pushes” it into the deeper layers of the skin. Watch this video from the brand for a better visual of how the wand works.


Looks good, right? So like every beauty-obsessed person, I’ve been “stalking” the ads and product promotions since it came out in South Korea last December, and rushed to get my hands on it a month ago in Singapore – marketing gimmick or not, I had to get it, it’s limited edition.

Plus, I was already using the Stempower Eye Cream for two months – no drastic results, but great for hydration and wrinkle prevention on early 20s skin.

The magnetic wand however, was a game changer. I used it twice a day, lightly moving the wand from the inner corner to the outer corner of my eye 10 times each on the eyelid and under eye area with just a little bit of eye cream. In two weeks, I started to notice the skin around my eyes getting firmer.

The lifted eye appearance SK-II claims its eye cream gives was the most apparent on my right eye, which has wrinkles and slightly stretched skin on the eyelid from using too much eyelid glue in the past.

Around my third week of use, I did notice one of my milia spots getting a little bit more apparent, so I’ve now reduced the amount of eye cream I apply each time, and that seems to solve the problem.  

My dark eye circles however, still look the same, most probably because they’re caused by a nasal allergy, rather than a lack of sleep.

So the big question is – do you really need it?

I’ll say yes for fans and collectors of the brand and those who have been eyeing the product for awhile. It worked decently well for me, and I assume it’ll work even better for slightly mature skin types with drier eyes.

Those in their 20s should be careful about how much eye cream you apply when using the wand – all I do now is to touch my ring finger very lightly on the surface of the cream. The cream should barely exceed 0.5cm in diameter and look vaguely translucent on your finger.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream and Magnetic Wand Kit, $174, is available at all SK-II counters. For more information, visit www.sk-ii.com.sg, and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.