How to use dry shampoo correctly for thick shiny hair T.png

How to use dry shampoo correctly for thick shiny hair B.png

What’s a girl to do if it’s a toss-up between an extra hour of sleep and blearily blow-drying damp hair in the morning? Enter dry shampoo, the hardworking hair hero you never knew you needed.

How does it work? Simple: The silicas and starches in most formulas on the market sop up gunk and grease, allowing you to get by without washing your hair for longer. Here’s what to do to maximise the mileage of your dry shampoo:

STEP 1. Remember, dry shampoo on dry hair. The starches in the product will “pill” and create unsightly dandruff-like clumps when doused on wet hair. Damp equals dank!

STEP 2. Prep your pouf by giving it a brisk comb-through with a wide-toothed comb. This de-tangles and doubles up as styling of sorts.

If you’re using a spray-type dispenser, keep the product quite literally at arm’s length; about 15cm from your scalp should do it so you get a fine snowy mist. For increased control, spray onto a brush and work through the hair from roots to ends.

STEP 3. Using the same wide-toothed comb, rake it down the centre of your crown to create a horizontal part. For each section you make, flip the hair over and spritz in a zigzag motion, working your way down to the tips.

STEP 4. Now you wait. Give the dry shampoo five minutes to sit and sponge up excess oils, then use clean fingers to tease out the leftover powder from your locks.

If you have particularly unruly bangs, use a brush to sieve out any tangles. Some practical advice: All that powder might muck up your rug, so do this over your bathroom sink!

But wait, there’s more. Dry shampoo is also superb for adding “grip” and texture to your tresses, meaning your hair’s that much easier to braid and bun afterwards. Bonus tip: Finish by sprinkling a wee bit more on the roots for a modern matte finish that simulates the sea-salt spray crunchiness of coveted beach-head locks.

And voila, there you have it: Hair that will have you looking like you spent half a day at a salon … except you didn’t even work up a lather!