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#1 Deepen your lipstick

Most of us keep things relatively tame during the day when it comes to lipstick. We either go bare, opt for tinted balms, or slap on a neutral lippie. Sometimes it’s just too much hassle to wear a dark lip during the day, especially if it smudges or needs touching up – we’re busy enough as it is with work and meetings. So a night out after work is the perfect opportunity to bust out your favourite bold lip colour. It instantly makes you look a whole lot more made up and ready to paint the town red – but bold doesn’t have to mean red. It could be your favourite plum, dark brown, or even vampy berry lipstick or gloss. Just make sure you’ve got a handy mirrored compact with you so you can touch up on the go.


#2 Add some highlight

Having blinding cheekbones isn’t the most daytime appropriate, but it’s virtually a must-have if you’re out and about at night. Blot your foundation where necessary, then apply highlight to the tops of your cheekbones. Nose, cupid’s bow, chin and forehead highlighting is completely optional, but the glow will keep your face from looking too flat and matte. Plus, highlights look gorgeous at night when they catch and reflect any sort of light. You don’t have to sparkle like a disco ball, either. Just make sure you choose the highlighters that provide more of a sheen than a garish sparkle, so you look like you’re glowing from within!


#3 Think shimmer

Shimmery eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, and even eyeliner are all perfect for a night out. You can pick one or two if you don’t want to go too crazy. I find shimmery eyeshadows the easiest to apply, and if you don’t want to cover your entire eyelid in shimmer you can even use a face highlighter to brighten up the inner corners instead! Blushers with shimmer like the cult Nars Orgasm one are subtle enough to wear during the day and reflect enough light to suit a makeup look at night.


#4 Darken your blusher

If you wear more faint and natural shades like pinks, peaches and rose-toned blushers during the day, they might not be so visible at night. Get out some shimmery formulas, or go for richer shades like plums, deep pinks or even mauve blushers. Apply them with a light hand so you can build up the colour to suit your complexion. You don’t want too drastic a contrast between the blush and your skin, just enough that it’ll show up in dimmer lighting and flash photography.


#5 Pop on some lashes

If you want to add a bit of drama to your eyes but don’t want to go crazy with a winged eyeliner (it can be difficult to perfect a dramatic wing on the fly without the right cleanup tools), you can always pop on a pair of false lashes. The dark band will make your lashes look thicker at the base, and will draw more attention to your eyes. Long lashes are perfectly fine, but avoid heavy or thick lashes if you have smaller eyes as these will only weigh down your eyelid and make your eyes look even smaller. If you have a new pair of lashes and they’re a little too long, try this nifty hack to make them look as flattering as possible on hooded or mono-lidded eyes.


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