Red eye shadow can be a risky makeup game to maneuver; you’re essentially toying with the possibility of channelling a sleep-deprived or bawled-your-eyes-out look. And no one wants to intentionally look like they’ve got a serious case of hay fever. Yes, the prospects are intimidating.

But you shouldn’t rule out this makeup trend from your beauty radar just yet. Here’s why: With proper eyeshadow placement and some blending skills, crimson hues can be surprisingly easy to pull off and look super chic on the lids. And after trying it for ourselves, we have come to the conclusion that the hue looks incredibly sexy when blended into a smokey eye look. After some trial and error, here are our top tips and tricks to nailing a perfect red-eyeshadow look.


Conceal away

The cardinal first step is to start with concealing all your blemishes and spots with a full-coverage concealer. Red-hued shadows tend to exaggerate any spots of redness in your skin. To avoid this, make sure your skin is perfectly clear and blemish-free.


Choose the right lipstick shade

Burberry Liquid Velvet – Primrose, $46; Guerlain KissKiss – Rosy Boop, $52; Marc Jacobs Creme Lipstick – Georgie Girl, $42


Avoid wearing a glaring shade of red lipstick to steer clear of entering a flashy monochromatic territory. Instead, try subtle peach-toned shades or  neutral-toned nudes (as pictured above) on your pout for a flawless finish.


Opt for a mix of neutral and red shades

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette, $60

You’re going to want a palette with a mix of neutral browns, dark smokey shades and red. Ergo, we recommend Zoeva’s Nude Spectrum Palette for creating a natural, multi-dimensional eyeshadow look.


1. Use a transition colour

Before you get too excited and dive right in head first with the red, you’d want to blend a neutral-toned brown on the crease beforehand to act as a base colour before you transition into the vivid red hues. This will anchor the latter and serve to diffuse the reddish undertones for a more natural look.


2. Add dimension to the look

Next, use a darker neutral shade to deepen up the crease and the outer-v of your eyes. The added depth and dimension give eyes a more deep-set look.The problem some people face with red eyeshadow is how in-your-face it can come off and also can make the eyelids look puffy, but a multi-dimensional eye look can dispel all these worries. This step also takes some attention away from the garishness of the red so it wouldn’t look like it’s “too much”.

We also went in with a shimmery burgundy red on the lid (try Kat Von D’s Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Raw Power”). Diffuse the colour slightly into the crease to soften the edges.


There you go; only two simple steps. And here’s the finished look: A ‘basic’ red eyeshadow look.


Red eyeshadow Masterclass: The halo eye

In the midst of experimenting and benchmarking wearable scarlet-eyed looks, we’ve come up with a more advanced look for you to have a hand at after you’ve mastered the basics: The red halo eye.

The technique coined ‘halo eye makeup’’ by makeup artists on Instagram calls for applying darker shades on the inner and outer corners of the lid, followed by pressing a lighter, shimmery shade in the center.This look is amazing for brightening up your eyes with a literal glowing halo effect it forms around your eyes. To add, it’s also  another way to subtly integrate reddish hues to a sultry, multi-dimensional eye makeup look.

To start, we went into the crease with a burnt orange shade for a slightly warmer look.



Following this, we applied a deep rust red on the inner corners of our eyes and on the outer V. We deepened the inner and outer corners of our eyes with a plummy dark brown for a dramatic effect (you can skip this step if you’re going for something more suitable for the office).


Confession time: We think we might have a fervent – almost unhealthy – penchant for glittery shadows. And we’ve learnt that the best way to let them shine (mind the pun) is to pack them onto the center of the lid – the part that catches the light most often. In order to pack on more pigment,we pressed on a metallic pearly shade on the middle portion of our lid with our finger.


To finish off, we used a fluffy blending brush in our crease with a bright red to softly infuse and intensify the colour on our eyes.


The finished halo eye look.


There, you’re all geared up with the facts and ready to conquer the daunting shade. You’ll never look back once you’ve nailed the look once. And how can you? Considering the influx of compliments you’ll soon receive from your friends and colleagues.