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False eyelashes are great for a girls’ night out or a fancy event, but they aren’t so practical for everyday life. Plus, they can be costly.

If you’re always struggling with lengthening and volumising your short, stubby lashes, you can get sensational-looking eyelashes with a bit of know-how and effort – and without resorting to using falsies.


1. For instant results

How to get perfectly curled lashes

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Crimp your lashes

Using an eyelash curler, start at the roots and work towards the tip of your lashes in intervals until you get to the tip. Your eyes will look instantly wider and brighter.

Prime with a fibre mascara

To create volume, coat your lashes with a fibre mascara like the Dup Ultra Fibre Mascara ($20.70). The fibres are usually made of silk, rayon or nylon, and a fibre mascara is designed to cling to your lashes to give it more building power and a denser effect. To build both length and volume, alternate between a fibre mascara and a regular mascara.


How to get perfectly curled lashes

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Warm up your eyelash curler

Here’s a tip that K-pop star Jessica Jung swears by: before using your eyelash curler, warm it up with a hairdryer. Hold the curler against your inner wrist to make sure it is not too hot before applying it to your lashes.. The last thing you want is to burn yourself or singe your lashes off.

Coat the lashes at the inner and outer corners with mascara

Coating your lashes at the inner and outer corners can really amplify them. For harder-to-reach lashes, try a mascara with a ball-tip, like the Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara ($55) or a mascara with a smaller wand, like the Pixi Lashlift Mascara ($28).

Comb out your lashes

Defined and separated lashes can give you that falsies-like look. To separate your lashes, use a lash comb.

2. For longer, fuller lashes over time

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Use an eyelash serum

A lash growth serum can help to increase lash growth and prevent lashes from shedding so quickly.

When it comes to buying an eyelash serum or a lash conditioner, look for brands that have been tried and tested by dermatologists or are ophthalmologist-approved.

Try: Revitalash Advanced ($156), which was developed by an ophthalmologist to help his wife overcome the ravages of cancer and subsequent chemotherapy.

Apply Vaseline on your lashes

Before you go to bed, apply a coat of Vaseline on your eyelashes with a Q-tip. It provides excellent conditioning and moisturising for dry, brittle lashes.