make your makeup last all day in Singapore weather

While we love the humidity for keeping our skin from drying out, the weather in Singapore can be most unkind as far as our makeup is concerned. Have you ever put on a fresh face of makeup (even the most minimal of looks) at the start of the day, only to find that your face looks dull and sallow by mid-day? A lot of the makeup we apply (especially coloured products like blusher or lipstick) tend to fade away over time.

Whether you want your face to stay on throughout an entire day of work and running errands, or last through a long, hot and busy day of Chinese New Year visiting, here are six things you should be doing:


#1 Use the right primer

A primer is the base coat that keeps your makeup in place, and is an absolute must if you want lasting makeup.

If you have oily skin, a mattifying primer can work wonders to keep your face from getting shiny throughout the day. Primers with names like “radiance”, “illuminating” or “glow” tend to give your face a very dewy base, so if you don’t like shine on your face or have combination to oily skin, avoid these primers in the day time. Try oil-free primers like the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($84 from Sephora) or the super mattifying Urban Decay De-Slick Complexion Primer ($55) .

You should prioritise primers that suit your skin type instead of primers that can provide the makeup finish you’re looking for. Dewy or matte finishes can be achieved with your foundation choice, powders, or how you apply the rest of your makeup.


#2 Prep your eyes

Even if you’re just going for a single sweep of colour on your eyelids and some eyeliner, having a primer beneath is good way to keep your eyes from looking like a hot mess of melted eyeliner at the end of the day. It also helps your eyeshadow last longer and look more vibrant!

If you’re someone with oily eyelids, a primer can keep your eyelids free of those horrid oily creases a lot longer. Concerned about veiny eyelids? An eye primer with a nude base colour like Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden ($33) helps conceal the dark veins while providing a good base for eyeshadow.

Going out at night? Avoid primers or foundations with SPF in them as they tend to make your face look chalky in flash photography. If you want a more translucent primer to just lock your eye makeup in place, try Shu Uemura’s Stage Performer eye:prime ($45).


#3 Choose a hassle-free lip colour

Lighter lip colours like peaches or nudes will be much easier to re-apply on the go, day or night. For those of us who prefer stronger or darker lip shades, try sticking to a lipstick that has a stain. There’s plenty of hassle involved in trying to touch up dark lipsticks, especially when it comes to keeping the edge of your lipstick as clean as possible.

YSL’s new Volupte Tint-in-Oil range for Spring 2017 and the Tint-in-Balm lipsticks are perfectly fuss-free options for a long day. They hydrate the lips and tint them, but are really easy to re-apply on the go. You can also wear more intense stains like Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint range under your regular lipstick. This way, even if your lipstick smudges off after eating and drinking, your lips will still have the same even colour to them.


#4 Set your liquids

Most of us use liquid foundations and concealers, which can “slide” or smudge whenever we touch parts of our face. Setting powder is a good way to keep things in place and prevent creasing of your under-eye concealer. It can also help mattify dewy foundation, help with oil-control and keep your T-zone shine-free. For a more natural look, keep your setting powder to just under the eyes and your T-zone. Not sure which powder to try? Check out eight of our favourite loose setting powders. You can also set your cream blusher or bronzer or eyeshadow with a powder product in a similar shade to really lock it in.


#5 “Fix” it all in place

You’re finally done with the process of putting your face on, so all that’s left is sealing everything in place! You’ll want a makeup fixing spray, as well as a setting one. A fixing spray will seal all the layers of makeup together, and the setting spray will hold it all in place. Check out our guide on the difference between the two to make sure you’ve got the right one!

If you’ve got oily skin, I cannot recommend Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray ($48) enough.


#6 Prepare to blot

No matter how much we try, our faces will find a way of getting oily after a few hours. Mattifying primers and foundations can only do so much. Blotting is an easy way to get rid of excess sebum and oil without moving your makeup or messing it up. Sometimes all you need is a quick blot to keep your makeup looking fresh! Whether you like the disposable sheets or the wonderful mattifying Serozinc face mist by La Roche-Posay, keeping something in your purse to blot your face is all the touch-up you’ll need. Don’t have blotting paper on you in a pinch? Here are the handy alternatives you can use instead!