How to take care of dull, dry skin

Hydration is vital to the health of the skin, particularly during the winter months when temperatures and low humidity combine with harsh winds to strip away the skin’s natural lipid layer.

And without this essential moisture, the skin is more vulnerable to the elements and increasingly likely to wrinkle.

But luckily there are things you can do to add moisture back into your skin — and things to avoid that will rob your skin of what moisture it already has.

Internationally renowned skin doctor Dr Vicky Dondos from top skin clinic Medicetics recommends using an oil-based moisturiser for winter.

“Oil based products seal in more moisture than their water-based counterparts,” she says.

“But remember that not all oils are suited to the face. Choose lighter oils like avocado, primrose or almond oil and bear in mind that glycerin and vitamin E are also good for locking in moisture.

“Also, moisturise from within by including plenty of skin-boosting essential fatty acids from oily fish and nuts, or supplement your diet with omega-3 capsules.”

Vicky warns to beware scalding baths or showers. “They might feel good, but the heat can break down the skin’s lipid barriers leading to a greater loss of moisture and water alone can have a drying effect on the epidermis,” she advises.

“Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells, which can lead to dull-looking skin, but take care to avoid harsh abrasive scrubs, which can break down the skin’s natural barrier and make dull dry skin even drier.”