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OK, it’s confession time: I have really frizzy hair. Like the kind that you cannot style no matter what you use. To any of us with super curly, frizzy or even just wavy hair people, the flat iron is a gift from above that is absolutely essential to our daily routine. However, you would be surprised at how damaging it can be to your hair – especially if you don’t use it right! Here are some quick tips on using your flat iron the right way!


Prep your locks with hair serum

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I’m pretty sure that many of us are often too lazy to buy hair serum to prep our hair, but keep in mind that we’re applying heat of at least 185 degrees celsius to our hair. You could literally fry an egg with the heat we apply to our hair, so really ladies, having some form of heat and styling protection is essential with a capital E. There are a lot of hair serums and heat protection products to choose from, so just find one that suits your budget and hair type.

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Never EVER straighten wet hair


If you notice steam coming from your hair, it’s probably because your hair is still really wet. Straightening your hair while it’s still damp is the WORST thing you can ever do to your hair. Not only does it not give you straight hair, it damages it more than you can imagine! Think of it as literally boiling your hair until it burns. You need to blow dry or air dry your hair before straightening it.


Personally, after stepping out of the shower I massage Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream into my hair and leave it in to soak up a bit. I’ll then blow dry my hair straight on a setting that isn’t too hot (depending on how much time I have to get ready that day) so that my hair is already somewhat straighter than it usually would be. I’ll spray in Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Take The Heat Deep Treatment and let it soak in, afterwhich I’ll start straightening.


Divide and conquer

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If you’re the kind of person that just grabs a handful of hair and goes all out with the iron, you need to stop today. Instead, divide up your hair and straighten it section by section. Part your hair down the middle and then section your top into four parts. If you have really long hair, divide your back locks into two more sections. Go over each section no more than twice or three times. Sectioning your hair like this helps you to be thorough and hit every strand an equal number of times; and it saves you a lot of time!

Another thing to note is to start at the roots and go up slowly, almost like ironing clothes, and make sure that your hair is pulled straight while it’s being clamped.


Deep condition


Now, I won’t be one of those people who will tell you not to use a flat iron every day (because I definitely do) so deep conditioning is something that is very important, it’s something that I cannot stress enough. Find hair masks that deep condition (which should not be used daily!) and daily conditioners suited to your hair type.

Here’s some of our favourite hair masks precisely for this purpose.


Remember, no matter how unruly and annoying it can be, your hair is your friend! Treat it right.

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