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Dull, tired looking skin that feels tight and less supple, but still prone to congestion.

How to solve it: Everyone knows how drying aeroplane air is, so slap on a hydrating mask during the flight. Sheet masks are the best option here, since they’re easily disposable, and won’t cause too much of a problem – or more like none at all – with liquid restrictions.

An all-time favourite among celebrities – Posh Spice is one of them – is SK-II’s Facial Treatment Mask. Another one we’re really excited about is Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence Infusion Mask, which calms skin irritation while moisturising it at the same time.

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If a sheet mask isn’t an option for you, try a sleeping mask, then. La Roche-Posay’s Hydraphase Empowering Thermal Water Sleeping Mask has water-loving hyaluronic acid and the brand’s Thermal Spring Water. These ingredients help to soothe sensitive skin and retain moisture. Just decant it into a small container, easily available at personal care stores to bring onboard the plane.

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Apart from this, a daily lightweight serum or moisturiser with humectants – ingredients that draw water from the environment to themselves – such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid will help to keep your skin’s surface looking plumped and healthy, too. One we like is Skin Inc’s Custom-Blended Brightening Serum, which comes in a handy 10ml size that’s perfect for travel.

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The lack of sleep and a high salt intake, from the lack of healthy food options – or rather, a conscious decision to not eat them (we understand) – can cause bloatedness and water retention.

How to solve it: Apart from eating healthier – duh – look around your hotel room for these two everyday items you can use to combat the problem – green tea and a metal spoon.

WATCH: Mia of YouTube beauty channel Asian Beauty Secrets provides a great guide on how you can use these two items to easily get rid of puffiness in the morning. Plus, makeup you can use to minimise its appearance.

If you’re experiencing puffiness on the body – usually the legs – here’s one beauty tip we learnt from French beauty brand Clarins: Try rinsing your body with cold water for about a minute, after a shower.

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The brand recommends doing this with the Contour ‘Anti-Eau’ Body Treatment Oil, which works to relieve tired and swollen legs.

Drying aircraft air aside, all that habitual lip-licking and eating without any drinking – because let’s face it, there aren’t any toilets around sometimes – can cause our lips to get dry and uncomfortable.

How to solve it: Pack a nourishing lip treatment in your beauty bag and apply it every night before you go to sleep. And if you wake up with soft, flaky bits that look ready to be “sloughed” off, try making this easy DIY lip scrub.

All you need is a packet of brown sugar from your hotel room’s mini bar (and perhaps a little bit of honey or olive oil from room service). If you have a facial oil or a thick, softening lip treatment – Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask, for example – it’ll work, too.

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It also helps to keep a lip balm or a gloss in your bag to rehydrate your lips throughout the day.

One that’s on our packing list this June is Fresh’s Sugar Lip Shine, which helps to camouflage dry lips while treating it at the same time.

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