This is the only makeup maxim to live by – go big or go home. The following eye-popping look takes just five products and about 20 minutes to pull off, tops, and the payoff is just phenomenal – your peepers will never look bigger or bolder:

Step 1. I’m going on the assumption you’ve got your eye cream essentials down pat. Once your lids are plump and primed, pick up a pea-sized amount of primer and dot it over and under the lid to create a clean canvas. This essential extra step is just incredible at ironing out creases and stamping out shadows under the eye.

Step 2. On to the fun bit. Seize a soft shadow brush – any petite paddle-shaped device will suffice – and swirl all of the caramel colours in your go-to neutral quad together. Buff this multidimensional nude over your entire lid.

Step 3. Hurry along now, I did promise you this would take 20 minutes. Right then. Deftly dab the tip of a luminising pen directly onto the triangle-shaped wedge at the inner corners and below your brow bone. Accenting your eyes with a touch of highlighter is one of the easiest and highest-impact trick in the beauty book: The glimmering effect as light falls on your face masks fatigue and gives the illusion of wider, bigger peepers. Useful beauty tip: If you have bone-dry skin, avoid the crepey outer corners of your lids – highlighting formulas quite literally highlight creases and crinkles.

Step 4. Now for the coup de grâce. Crimp your lashes, then cloak each strand with a standard dark brown mascara – for night, consider amping it up with a lashing of a tinted blue formula. Why blue? Only because it’s the de facto shade if you’re looking to brighten the whites of your eyes, with the entirely welcome benefit of bestowing drama in spades. One coat each on the upper and lower lashes are plenty; do two if you’re plucky.

One final trick before I sign off: Nudge the wand to give an upwards “push” at the corner lashes for a lifted, doe-eyed effect. Voila! Bedroom eyes that will leave suitors in a saucer-eyed stupor. See? So much mirth to be made with makeup. Have fun!