If you love watching Korean beauty programmes, facial scanners shouldn’t be anything foreign to you.

Machines that tell you how wide your pores are, how much makeup you should apply, and even how desirable your features are to other women – apparently, there are specific ratios to the perfect face, but that’s taking things a little too far.

At the end of it, all we want is to understand our features better and find out how we can enhance them. Now, here’s your chance to finally try one for your eyes in Singapore.

A new Eye Define scanner, developed by eyecare brand Acuvue, measures five defining factors of what makes a person’s eyes look healthy – size, colour, shape, whiteness and shine.

These factors were determined by a study done on women in Seoul, South Korea.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. The machine snaps a picture of my face and then a close up of my eye. Your eye shape is then detected by the machine. During this period, the optometrist tells me about my iris pattern, which has little “rays” and “holes”, or what she described as “jewels”. Everyone has a unique pattern.

Iris Eye size and shape 1Day Acuvue Eye Define eye analysing machine.png

Step 2. It then tells you the size of your iris, and how much of it is visible. Only 64 per cent of my iris is visible, the rest of it is covered by my eyelid.

Step 3. Whiteness and shine factor follow. So the machine detects the average colour of your sclera – the whitish part of your eyes. While my eyes are pretty white, they don’t shine as much I’d like them to, scoring 34.10 per cent on the sparkle scale.

How much eyes shine and sparkle 1Day Acuvue Eye Define eye analysing machine.png

Step 4. After measuring these five factors, it sums up your features into a single diagram.

Analysis Chart 1Day Acuvue Eye Define eye analysing machine.png

So let’s do a quick recap: The healthiness of your eyes are linked to how white the sclera is, as well as how much your eyes sparkle. 

What do you do with the other two results of iris size and eye angle, then? Check this story to find out the best eye makeup to wear for your eye shape. 

If you want to get your analysis, the service comes free with all eye consultations at the Specialist Eyecare Centre at Great World City.