Forget ombre, unicorn hair has been all the rage with celebrities and instagram-stars lately. From Irene Kim’s wild, multi-coloured streaks to Jourdan Dunn’s subtle Coachella greyish-blue highlights, everyone’s rocking a pastel My Little Pony mane in some variation.

But for all the colour and vibrancy that’s so essential for the look, it’s easy to think that you’ll have to spend hours in a salon just to hop on the trend for a few weeks, before the colour fades into an unflattering grey. Of course, then comes the all-too-familiar problem of dry, frizzy hair ends.

Enter Jean Yip’s latest Fancy Colour 2-in-1, a hot new hair service that guarantees to not only shorten the time you have to spend in a salon for vivid, luminous locks, but to prevent weak, damaged strands, too.

How? Well, forget the whole six-hour bleach-then-colour routine. “Super lighteners” are embedded in this modern formula to eliminate bleaching, which speeds up the whole process.

It also boasts what Jean Yip Hairdressing calls “Micromolecular Technology” and activators that generate precise shade results, intensity and long-lasting reflections. Simply put: You’ll get exactly what you ask for, and not some odd mixture of your natural hair colour and dye.

The results are apparently long-lasting, as colour pigments are embedded in the hair fibre. Natural ingredients, such as Vitamin C-rich rooibos tea, also helps to prevent the colour from oxidising, prolonging its “life”.

Now all that potent colour is sealed with a concoction of the brand’s best conditioning masks, keeping your delicate locks of pale lilacs and pinks soft and smooth – all you’ll be left with is a celebratory Instagram selfie of your new hairdo!

Of course, the entire service is customisable, so if it’s natural sun kissed hair in every shade of copper you’re after, you’ll find it here, too.

Can’t wait to try it out? Head over to Jean Yip Hairdressing and sign up for the service at just $88 for this limited period! And who knows, you may just win a complimentary hair makeover, too!

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