oil blotting paper alternatives singapore

As anyone with an oily T-zone can attest, shine can happen at many an inopportune moment. Holiday parties in particular mean lots of photos, and nighttime means flash photography. So if you’re prone to a shiny T-zone, here are some alternatives to oil-blotting paper that can save you in a pinch and keep you looking matte. Just keep in mind that they should be as hygienic as possible.

#1 Paper napkins

Believe it or not, Starbucks actually has some of the best napkins out there for blotting your face. The beauty community has even given it amazing ratings on MakeupAlley.com. Whatever fibers they’re made of, the napkins work like a charm and absorb all the excess oil on your face. I daresay I prefer them to some actual oil-blotters that feel more synthetic, because those always make me feel like I’m just pressing the oil back into my skin. So if you’re getting your Toffee Nut or Peppermint Mocha fix this holiday season, why not snag a couple of extra napkins for emergencies! Just don’t throw them into your bag without any protection or they’re going to pick up all the dirt and bacteria that’s inside your bag.

#2 Toilet seat covers

You know those disposable paper-thin toilet seat covers that you can sometimes find in a public bathroom? Sure, it sounds weird, but we mean using them in their clean and unused form. These are definitely one of the more controversial alternatives to blotting paper (the other being rolling paper for cigarettes), but they are effective.

If the box has a large opening, the sheets are probably not hygienic enough for your face, so you might want to skip that. But if it’s kept in a sanitary enough container, discard the first sheet to be safe and then feel free to use the second.

#3 Wrapping tissues

The fragile wrapping paper tissues (the ones that crinkle really easily) that are often used in gift-wrapping in department stores are also great oil-blotting alternatives. If you’ve been to certain stores that wrap up your clothing purchases in thin sheets of paper at the register, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Those wrapping tissue papers are available at craft stores as well and sometimes come in many different colours!

If you’re actually looking to DIY some blotting paper, I’d recommend these because you get to have a bit of fun colour. Just make sure to keep them in a clean ziplock bag so the sheets don’t get contaminated.

#4 Cigarette rolling paper

Now if you’re out and about at night and left the oil blotting sheets at home, any cigarette-rolling friend is going to save the day. Those thin sheets of paper are also a great oil-blotting alternative and will save your T-zone in a pinch. You should still make sure that the sheets are being kept as hygienic as possible, so if they’re being pulled out of someone’s pocket without any protective packaging, move along.

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