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If youthful and even-toned skin is on your agenda, then make a beeline for free radical-fighting anti-oxidant serums, which are key to perfecting and protecting skin.

Power-packed serums are the hottest thing in skincare at the moment thanks to their ability to instantly firms, brighten and perfect complexions.

And the good news is that the beauty shelves are positively groaning with anti-oxidant packed goodies.

But first things first – what’s so special about anti-oxidant rich skincare?

“Anti-oxidants are basically substances that slow or stop free-radical damage to cells,” explains top skincare guru Louise Tear.

“There are loads of different types of anti-oxidants as they are found everywhere in the nature.

“Many vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and E have anti-oxidant properties.

“Coenzymes, such as alpha-lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10 also contain anti-oxidants, as do many plant-derived compounds.

“Other names of anti-oxidants found in skin care include ferulic acid, phloretin and citric acid,” she adds.

Skincare goodies containing anti-oxidants in effect, defend the skin, help in reducing scars and promote healing.

In other words, such ingredients help with protecting and promoting the building blocks of all-important collagen.

“Look out for products containing grape oil, which is a powerful antioxidant,” advises Louise.

“Caudalie Regenerating Concentrate works wonders in terms of cell renewal. “Warm a few drops in your hands after cleansing at night, then before going to bed and let it do the hard work while you sleep.

“Or for a super-calming antioxidant fix, try Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen booster which brightens with orange and citrus, protects with green tea and has major hydrators to bind moisture to skin,” Louise recommends.

“Elsewhere, Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum is packed with vitamins A, C, and E deeper and Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum has 50 times more vitamin C than previous formulas plus Indian fig to brighten skin,” she adds.